Thrive: Melody Joy on Mastering the Scottish Wedding Market

Thrive: Melody Joy on Mastering the Scottish Wedding Market

Thrive: Melody Joy on Mastering the Scottish Wedding Market

At this year’s Thrive Conference, we were delighted to have Melody Joy, a Chicago-born wedding photographer who has made waves in the Scottish wedding market after relocating to Edinburgh. Melody’s journey is nothing short of inspiring. Falling for a Scottish lad brought her to the UK, where she seamlessly transitioned her successful wedding photography business from Chicago to Edinburgh. Despite the competitive and saturated market, Melody’s techniques, particularly her focus on SEO and strategic positioning, quickly established her as a sought-after photographer for couples tying the knot in Scotland and across the UK.

During her talk at Thrive, Melody shared invaluable insights on how she made such a swift impact in a new market. Her shoots at the Dunglass Estate, especially in and around the derelict church, are a testament to her understated and effortless style.

“I finished off with a shoot with Melody Joy. She conducted her shoot in such a serene way that I instantly felt calm around her, which I feel translated in the way I took the photos, I felt so relaxed and didn’t want to leave…” Danielle Victoria Photography

Effortless Elegance in Every Frame

Melody’s work is characterised by a refined, minimalist aesthetic that draws attention to the emotions and interactions of her subjects. Her shoots at the Dunglass Estate are a perfect example of how she leverages natural light, historical architecture, and the surrounding landscape to create timeless images.

The derelict church, with its open roof and weathered stone walls, provided a stunning backdrop that highlighted her ability to blend the beauty of the environment with the intimacy of wedding moments.

Lessons for Photographers

  1. SEO Mastery: Melody’s focus on SEO was crucial in establishing her presence in a new market. By optimising her website and content for specific keywords related to Scottish weddings, she ensured that potential clients could easily find her services online.
  2. Strategic Visibility: Showing up in person and online for the locations where she wanted to work played a significant role in her quick success. Melody made a point to feature her shoots from these desirable venues prominently on her website and social media, creating a portfolio that resonated with couples looking to get married in similar settings.
  3. Consistency in Style: Maintaining a consistent and recognisable style helped Melody build a strong brand identity. Her elegant, understated approach to wedding photography set her apart in the crowded market and attracted clients who appreciated her unique vision.
  4. Building Relationships: Melody’s genuine connection with her clients and other vendors in the wedding industry further boosted her reputation. Positive word-of-mouth and referrals from satisfied clients and collaborators were instrumental in growing her business in Scotland.
  5. Adaptability: Moving to a new country with different wedding traditions and expectations required Melody to adapt her approach while staying true to her artistic vision. This adaptability allowed her to meet the needs of her clients while showcasing her distinctive style.

A bride stands in a derelict church with no glass in the windows. She is enveloped in her veil which swirls around her. Photographed in black and white by Melody Joy at the Dunglass Estate in Scotland.



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