Crafting an Intentional Instagram Grid Formula

Crafting an Intentional Grid Formula On Instagram

Crafting an Intentional Instagram Grid Formula

In today’s visually driven world, your Instagram grid is more than just a collection of photos; it’s a curated portfolio that represents your brand and communicates your style. It is easy to think that maybe the full grid view isn’t important as Instagram works mostly on a scroll. However for wedding photographers, where a potential client returns to social media after the catalytic event of an engagement, having an intentional Instagram grid can make all the difference. If you think potential clients aren’t opening your grid, let me challenge you to think again. Let’s dive into how you can craft an intentional grid that not only stands out but also elevates the experience for your audience.

“Your Instagram grid serves as a digital portfolio and the first impression many potential clients will have of your work.”

Why Your Instagram Grid Matters

Your Instagram grid serves as a digital portfolio and the first impression many potential clients will have of your work. A well-crafted grid can build trust, showcase your expertise, and create a visual narrative that resonates with engaged couples dreaming of their perfect wedding day. They show you are a committed and disciplined creative who would be exciting to work with. Let’s explore how to develop an intentional grid formula.


1. Define Your Visual Style

Consistency is crucial. While variety is important, there should be a cohesive element that ties your photos together, whether it’s a color palette or mood. Consistency helps clients immediately understand your aesthetic and what they can expect from your work.

2. Balance Your Content

Mix different types of images – close-ups, landscapes, portraits, candid moments, and details – to tell a comprehensive story of your capabilities. Showcase different wedding settings and themes to demonstrate your versatility.

3. Highlight Your Unique Selling Points

Showcase what makes you unique. Whether it’s attention to detail or creating cinematic portraits, use your grid to highlight your strengths. Regularly include images that showcase your specialties.

4. Engage with Timeliness

Align some posts with seasonal trends or current wedding styles. Sharing relevant content not only keeps your grid fresh but also shows that you are in tune with industry trends.

5. Curate with Intention

Every image should serve a purpose. Before posting, ask yourself if the image fits your brand, adds value, and is something your target client would love to see. This mindful approach ensures a powerful and purposeful portfolio. This is not the place to panic post something that just happens to be on your camera roll.

6. Plan Your Grid Layout

Use tools like Planoly, Later, or UNUM to visualize and plan your grid. These tools help you see how your photos look next to each other, achieving balance and intention.

7. Include Behind-the-Scenes and Personal Posts

Weave in behind-the-scenes content or personal posts to humanise your brand. This helps create a connection with potential clients who value both your work and the person behind the camera.

Let’s explore how these principles manifest in the Instagram grids of Devlin Photos, The Vedrines, and The Woods Photography, focusing on the repeat patterns that create a visually appealing and cohesive portfolio.

Devlin Photos

  • Repeat Pattern: Our very own Lisa at Devlin Photos employs a consistent pattern with alternating black and white and color images. This creates a rhythmic visual flow that guides the viewer’s eye naturally across the grid. The use of a similar tone and style in each row or column also adds to the cohesive look. She incorporates her brand by carrying across her her signature colour and font from her website created by Melissa Love.

The Vedrines

  • Repeat Pattern: Tina from The Vedrines has a grid with a high-fashion editorial style and a strong emphasis on black and white imagery. The grid alternates between dark and light images, creating a striking contrast that highlights the sophistication and elegance of her work. This pattern not only looks visually appealing but also reinforces her brand identity.

The Woods Photography

  • Repeat Pattern: The Woods Photography showcases a warm, nostalgic style with rich, earthy tones consistently throughout the grid. The pattern here involves a mix of detailed close-ups and wide landscapes, which together tell a comprehensive story. The repetition of similar color tones and compositions gives the grid a unified and harmonious appearance. All the images have white space around them so as not to be restricted to Instagram’s preview square and he alternates between vertical and horizontal posts for an impressively curated look.


Creating an intentional Instagram grid takes time and thought, but it’s a valuable investment in your brand’s digital presence. Your grid can be a reflection of your best work, consistently curated to tell a brand story that resonates with engaged couples.

By being strategic and thoughtful about your posts, you can create a portfolio that stands out and connects with potential clients on a deeper level. It can help with post paralysis if you have a set structure and creates a sense of you owning your little piece of the online space.



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