Who’s The Boss?

Hi! I’m Lisa

Chief course builder, styled shoot creator, mentor, and head honcho. I also make the tea!

Yeah That’s Me!

For over 20 years now, I’ve been shooting weddings and you know what – I still have the wedding anxiety dreams before every damn one. Like I forgot my cameras and had to shoot a wedding on my phone.

Before weddings, I worked as a music industry photographer traveling all over the planet shooting pop stars for record companies and magazines.

People say to me all the time, you must work non-stop and the truth is that I don’t. I absolutely love what I do but also I also love having downtime. I know that building your business can be a hard slog. This is why I built the Photography Farm, to help other photographers run their dream business whilst also having time for a life.

The Farm started as a two-day workshop at an iconic 15th Century Farmhouse that had its own music industry credentials. In the 10 years since it has evolved and now offers so much more including…

– My popular 3-month mentoring course.

– Portfolio Building Shoot Days.

The Barn – which is my incredible online learning membership packed full of useful tutorials, resources, and contracts.

Thrive – a two-day wedding photography workshop with mentors from all over the world.

If that wasn’t enough to keep me busy, I also run a variety of online events and workshops to keep you inspired and make your business the best it can be.

Picture: Katie Rogers

"The Godmother of British Wedding Photography"


Lisa Devlin Photography training

I’m A Busy Photographer

When I’m not hosting workshops, creating editorials, or helping other people become successful wedding photographers, you can find me behind the lens at a wedding or two. Have a look at my gorgeous website created by Melissa at The Design Space.

As an editorial wedding photographer, I’ve been photographing my kind of weddings with my kind of couples for over 20 years and, despite the success of Photography Farm, I’m not about to give it up any time soon.

Random facts about Lisa…

My middle name is Marie, I was named after Elvis’s daughter and if I’d been a boy I would have been called Elvis

I have my own muppet that was made by the Jim Henson Workshop to look like me.

I moved to Brighton after visiting for just one day.

My brother is called Denver Devlin.

I used to be the official photographer for Steps.

I live with more pets than people – 2 dogs, 2 cats and a gecko called Blue but she is orange.


I don’t know about you, but I love to have stuff playing the background whilst I edit. Tune it to listen to me chat to those lovely folk over at Studio Ninja.

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I’m into

Fridays off

Having no editing pile

Regional snacks

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