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Wanna build the wedding photography business of your dreams? You’re in the right place. 
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Unlock the Potential of Your Business

Imagine a wedding photography business that not only thrives but also brings you joy and fulfilment. Picture being sought after by clients who adore your unique style and appreciate your creative vision.

With over two decades of experience in the industry, I’ve cracked the code to attracting couples who truly resonate with my work. And now, I’m here to share these secrets with you.

I’ve been in your shoes, and I understand the challenges you face.

My work has earned me a spot on Top Wedding Photographer lists, a monthly column in Professional Photo Magazine, and the honour of being named as a Hasselblad Heroine and I’ve been running Photography Farm since 2011.

I know what you are thinking, Gawd, She Must Work All The Time!

Well, here’s a little secret, I don’t.

And now I’m going to show you how to do the same. 

My next mentoring group is currently open for applications. The first step is booking in a call with me to chat about how it could work for you…

Let's do this!

Lisa Devlin Photography training

Become one of those photographers that nails it.

Let’s work together to figure out your goals, find the most direct pathway to achieving them, and create a successful and sustainable wedding photography business for you.

Right now …

You might know where it is that you want to get to but just cannot connect the dots on your own.

Maybe you struggle to get enquiries, or you want to reposition yourself in the market to get more of the type of weddings that fire you up the most.

Whatever it is holding you back right now, my mentorship programme can help.

The first step? Book the call…

Any of this familiar?

You're finding it hard to progress on your own

You struggle to book the weddings that fire you up the most

You can't seem to join the dots by yourself

You're overwhelmed and don't know where to start

You see others passing you by

What to expect


We meet online to delve into each section of the program, unlocking insights and strategies.



Tailored solutions for your unique challenges, ensuring you’re on the path to success.


Elevate your growth journey with additional materials designed to accelerate your progress.


Stay connected, seek support, and share victories with your fellow photographers.


Unlimited access to online session recordings for future reference, beyond our time working together.


I will pair you up with another photographer who is taking part so you can give each other additional  support and accountability.

SUCCESS stories

100% of students said they would recommend the program to other photographers

My favourite thing about the mentoring was how friendly/supportive it was.

Over the 3 month period of working between my full-time job and doing the mentoring; I had gained 12 new bookings!

All of them were my ideal client and ideal weddings.



The end result is a business that I can honestly say I feel confident in marketing and in what I charge. I am attracting much more my kind of couple and converting those enquiries.

The final month of the program has been my busiest month EVER for my business, I have booked over £10K in weddings!!

Scott Carney


Oh my GOD the last three months have been game-changing for me! For the first time, I feel confident and aligned with my business.

The group sessions give you accountability and stop you from feeling alone and overwhelmed while the 1-1s with Lisa give you a right kick up the arse

Jodie Mitchell



My Mentoring Programme is currently open for applications. There are limited places and they go quickly so let’s talk about getting you into this next group.



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Psst…Wanna Know the secret of my success?
I’m into

Fridays off

Having no editing pile

Helping you become the best

What level is this aimed at?

You can be at any level to benefit from the program. It will either be a reset and a realignment for you if you have an established business or it will set you off on the best path for you if you are new to the industry.

What is the cost?

The programme costs £600 per month for three months – so a total of £1800

I'm busy, what if I don't get all the work done in the three months?
This isn’t a race and everyone has different circumstances. Some people will rattle through the tasks and complete them within our time working together and others need longer. The program has been designed to work at your own pace and fit around your life.
I'm not sure if I need one to one mentoring or the group?
I do also offer one-to-one mentoring and one-off sessions at £300 each. The advantage of the group is additional accountability, working to a structured program, plus the social aspects of the group.
What if I have to miss a group session, will I fall behind?

They all stay in the Facebook group so you can catch up or rewatch them at any time.

I'm still not sure that it's right for me?
Let’s book in that chat to discuss where you are at right now and if this is the right time for you to join this.
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I want you to love the program and get amazing results.

However, I don’t want you to feel that this isn’t working for you or transforming your business in our time together. If you try the first month and don’t see that it can improve your business and increase your revenue then you can simply opt out. No questions asked. 

PS. Nobody has done that so far!

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