Embracing the Shift: Maximise Income from Smaller Weddings and Elopements

Embracing the Shift: Maximise Income from Smaller Weddings and Elopements

Increased Income from Smaller Weddings and Elopements

If there’s one significant shift we’ve seen in the wedding photography market this year, it’s the rise of smaller weddings and minimal coverage bookings. For someone like me, who has charged an hourly rate since well before the pandemic, accommodating these changes is straightforward. However, for photographers who rely on shooting full-day weddings, these shorter wedding enquiries might feel frustrating and you might find yourself facing a significant dip in income.

But here’s the good news: you can turn this trend to your advantage. One way to compensate is by working a little harder at selling products to these smaller wedding and elopement couples. The desire for printed images, especially in albums, is not at all diminished just because the hours of coverage are shorter. In fact, I regularly sell albums to couples who have booked me for as little as two hours. And let’s be honest, sitting at home in my PJs designing an album is a heck of a lot easier than shooting a full wedding day.

Here are some tips to make selling print products a part of your customer service, even for the tiniest of weddings, and how to boost your income to make up for any deficit caused by picking up these kinds of jobs.

“You cannot expect to sell any products if they are never mentioned until final delivery, leave breadcrumbs along the entire client journey that lead to aftersales.”

1. Introduce Albums and Print Products Early

From the first consultation, talk about the importance and value of printed products. Show them samples of albums, framed prints, and other products. By integrating these into your initial discussions, you plant the seed early and make it a natural part of the service you offer – I talk about albums right from the get-go on my home page as I believe they are much harder to sell if you haven’t left a trail of breadcrumbs along the way.

2. Highlight the Tangible Value

Emphasise the lasting value of physical products. Digital images are great, but they don’t have the same impact as holding a beautifully crafted album or seeing a stunning print on the wall. Share stories and testimonials from past clients who have cherished their albums and prints.

3. Offer Packages that Include Prints

Create packages that bundle a few hours of coverage with a small album or a set of prints. This approach not only makes the offer more appealing but also ensures that every booking contributes more significantly to your revenue.

4. Upsell with Ease

After delivering the digital images, follow up with a friendly email suggesting print products. You can include mock-ups of albums using their images to help them visualise the final product. Use online tools that make designing and showcasing albums easy and enticing.

5. Make the Process Effortless

Clients might shy away from ordering prints because they think the process is cumbersome. Simplify it for them. Offer to handle everything, from design to delivery. The easier you make it for them, the more likely they are to order.

6. Show the Quality Difference

Showcase the quality of professional prints compared to what they might get from a standard photo lab. Let them see and feel the difference. Highlighting the superior quality can convince them that the investment is worth it. How about posting them a few from their gallery as a teaser?

7. Use Social Proof

Share photos of your past clients with their albums and prints on social media. Tag the clients and encourage them to share their experiences. Social proof can be incredibly persuasive, showing potential clients how much others have valued your print products.

8. Educate on Preservation

Inform your clients about the longevity of professional prints and albums. Explain how these products are designed to last for generations, preserving their memories in a way that digital files alone cannot.

“With Pic-Time, clients can easily design their own albums directly from the gallery. “

9. Utilise Pic-Time Galleries for Effortless Sales

One of the easiest ways to sell printed products is through a Pic-Time gallery. Pic-Time offers automated emails and self-design albums that make the selling process seamless. When you deliver a gallery to your clients, you can set up a sequence of sales emails that are sent on your behalf. These emails can include time-limited offers that encourage clients to purchase prints and albums while the excitement of their wedding day is still fresh.

With Pic-Time, clients can easily design their own albums directly from the gallery. The intuitive interface makes it simple for them to select their favorite images and arrange them into a beautiful keepsake. This not only enhances their experience but also increases the likelihood of making a sale. By leveraging Pic-Time’s tools, you can boost your income from even the smallest weddings.

Sign up to Pic -Time HERE and enter the code ‘FARMERS’ at the checkout to get 2 months FREE.

10. Follow Up Strategically

After the wedding, continue to gently remind clients about albums and prints. Sometimes clients need a little nudge to decide, especially after the initial excitement of receiving their digital images has worn off.

11. Take Our “Sell More Products and Albums” Class

For a deeper dive into effective selling strategies, consider taking our “Sell More Products and Albums” class. This class provides comprehensive guidance on maximising your sales and giving your clients exactly what they want, ultimately boosting your revenue. It introduces one incredibly simple but effective step that will increase your aftersales significantly for ALL weddings.


The trend towards smaller weddings and elopements doesn’t have to mean a drop in income. By strategically incorporating print products into your offerings, you can provide added value to your clients while maintaining and even boosting your revenue. Remember, your clients’ desire to have their images printed and preserved is as strong as ever, regardless of the size of their wedding.

By following these tips, you can turn shorter wedding bookings into opportunities for additional income and client satisfaction. So embrace this shift, enhance your customer service, and watch a higher level of referrals roll in.

For more detailed strategies and insights, be sure to check out our “Sell More Products and Albums” class and ensure that your income is not micro just because the weddings are.



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