Wedding Workflow Getting You Down?

1-Day Wedding Edit

If you’re spending more hours than you want slaving over editing, let me give you my secrets on how to turn around a wedding in JUST 1 DAY!

You’re working crazy hours, shooting multiple weddings per week, and taking weeks and weeks to turn around those images.

Meanwhile, your clients are getting anxious and dropping you messages at all hours wanting to know ‘when can we see our precious pictures?’

So you’re spending every waking hour at your computer screen, existing on a diet of caffeine, and you’ve barely slept for weeks! I know that right now, you’re struggling. But don’t get bogged down by the edit.

My 1-Day Wedding Edit Workflow will teach you the secrets of culling, editing and turning around your images in record time, giving your clients the best experience ever, whilst getting your life back on track.

JUST £37!

wedding edit workflow

What to Expect


how to speed cull & upload


how to get an efficient editing workflow


how to optimise Lightroom


naming & exporting images


exporting to your gallery


sending an impactful delivery


setting up your gallery for automatic additional sales


unlimited replays

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Stop Procrastinating

Lisa Devlin Photography training

Here’s why I want you to take this class with me –There’s no glory in editing for hours and hours, it’s a life suck. Plus, you may be delivering galleries long after their wedding love bubble has burst.

It’s more impactful and you will make more in aftersales if you can deliver the images when they are still excited about the wedding. In that few weeks after when guests are asking ‘Have you got the photos yet?’



The 1-Day Wedding Edit Workshop will walk you through how I cull, process, name, and deliver my wedding images so that I can still have a life – even in peak wedding season!

This 90-minute workshop is jam-packed full of juicy content including how to cull in next to no time, my settings for Lightroom, how to find your editing flow plus some fantastic bonus content. Like how to give your clients the best delivery experience online.

Join me, Lisa Devlin, for a workshop that will transform your editing workflow, give you back your precious time and make you more money.



JUST £37!

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