Getting Ghosted By Potential Wedding Clients?

Three Magic Emails

If you cannot figure out why you are not converting more of your enquiries to bookings then this is the class for you.

Maybe you are busting your ass all over the internet and social media trying to get people to enquire with you for wedding photography but when you send your replies you don’t hear back from people.

Or maybe you are new and you don’t know what is the best process for responding to couples.

Sometimes it just feels like there could be a better way to respond to those precious enquiries. As we head into the busiest year for weddings in recent times, let’s sort this part of your business out right now.

My Three Magic Emails Workshop will teach you the secrets of how to stand out in their inbox, how to build a connection with a couple and how to get more bookings. Not just any old bookings, I’m talking about the right bookings for you.

JUST £37! 

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What to Expect


how to set up your enquiry process


what to include in your form


when to automate and when to personalise


presenting your pricing


the timeline for your responses


how to stand out in their inbox


what to do when you feel ghosted


unlimited replays

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Stop Losing Out

Lisa Devlin Photography training



The Three Magic Emails Workshop will walk you through my unique process for dealing with those precious wedding photography enquiries.

Get immediate access to this 90-minute online class where I share my strategy for presenting my prices, dealing with my enquiries, converting them into bookings plus some fantastic bonus content. Like how to get your CRM to do a lot of this work for you.

Join me, Lisa Devlin, for a workshop that will transform how you reply to enquiries and get you more wedding photography bookings.

JUST £37! 

“Here’s why I want you to take this class with me – These are my tried and trusted methods that get consistent results.

I’ve been teaching my strategy to my mentoring students and they’ve been so happy with their increased conversion rates and reduced the amount of work that they’ve had to do in order to secure bookings.

I want you to have that level of confidence in this part of your business too.”

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