Prompts For Relaxed Wedding Portraits – Image of the Week #446

First and foremost, let me say how lovely it is to be looking at this summery image after what feels like an unending series of weekends grappling with inclement weather. Instead of planning for golden hour, we’ve been strategising around unrelenting rain, blustery winds, and chilly temperatures here in the UK. So, it’s a treat to revisit summer through this joyous image by Steph at Stephanie Dreams Photography and her excellent use of prompts for relaxed wedding portraits.

There’s an array of elements to admire in this photo, starting with the palpable ease radiating from the couple. The way we evoke emotions around being photographed is just as vital as the technical finesse behind the camera. Often, I think that I’m simply getting people to stop thinking about being photographed. I can read it on their faces, and I want to move on from that as soon as possible.

What’s interesting here, is the dynamic. One of the subjects is interacting with the other, who is then interacting with Steph. This gives a sense that the photographer is an insider, that they are included in the photo, a welcome third wheel.

Prompts for Relaxed Wedding Portraits

However, as Steph aptly points out, such interactions typically don’t unfold spontaneously. It often requires a nudge or two. That’s why it’s essential to have some prompts for relaxed wedding portraits up your sleeve, especially in situations like this.

Encouraging them to walk is a favourite technique of mine, and I might layer on an extra action like ‘kiss each other’s hands’ or ‘walk and kiss.’ Of course, the latter can be quite challenging, often leading to natural laughter instead. Remember that good prompts for relaxed wedding portraits don’t always have to be exactly what you want to capture – the bi-product can also be as compelling.

Can I say that I even love the little midgies flying around in this frame? Yes, they might be a tad pesky, but they’re also as synonymous with summer evenings as the jingle of an ice cream truck.

This makes me so nostalgic for summery weddings again, relaxed portrait sessions out in golden hour but maybe with a trusty can of Smidge on hand!

Sony a7iii | Sony 35mm 1.8
ISO 100 | F/1.8 | 1/4000
Sage by Kala Rath

an image of two brides walking towards the camera in a field at golden hour to illustrate the article Prompts For Relaxed Wedding Portraits

What Steph said…

“Although we went out for a few photos after the ceremony, Bec & Beth wanted to have a few more photos and as the light got pretty we went for it.

Literally just having a walk around the gorgeous venue grounds, Beth had taken her tie and jacket off and you can tell they’re both just a lot more relaxed. They were simply having a chat together and with a few prompts we got some gorgeous natural images.”