Creating A Silhouette Wedding Portrait – Image of the Week #448

Creating A Silhouette Wedding Portrait

This week, have a breathtaking Silhouette Wedding Portrait, by the immensely talented Corinne Moffat. We first met Corinne early in her journey in the world of photography which has been one of continuous growth making her a force to be reckoned with. This awe-inspiring image, undoubtedly, is a testament to how much she has levelled up. I’m sure this will not be her last award

There’s been plenty of chat in the industry over the last week about winning awards as Rangefinder announced for the first time that they are opening up their 30 Rising Stars of wedding photography for self-nomination.

It’s an interesting move and one that I’ve often thought about for our Image Of The Week but ultimately I like that these are either selected by me or nominated by people within our community. There’s a certain charm in surprising photographers with this acknowledgement, a gesture that fuels their confidence and recognises their boundary-pushing creativity.

I love that Corinne took stock of her own work and could recognise where she was relying on techniques that she had already mastered, so her next move was to go beyond that. Our most creative work is never inside our comfort zones so being able to understand where you are most at ease and push through that is an important step into becoming a better photographer.

Creating A Silhouette Wedding Portrait

Now, let’s delve into the intricacies of the portrait itself. This image makes wonderful use of the wedding venue’s impressive windows. The composition creates a striking silhouette, highlighting the interplay between light and shadow. The subjects, encompassed within the individual frames, project a sense of unity despite their separation. The bride’s elegant and dramatic pose not only reflects the essence of their connection but also offers a stunning view of her wedding gown.

The Black and White edit removes any distractions and gives this portrait a classic and timeless feeling. I’m always a fan of frames within a frame and from what Corinne says, it sounds like this couple were very much collaborators in creating this portrait. Being conscious that you are giving a couple an experience on their wedding day can be a big part of your service and lead to more recommendations and more bookings.

Canon R6 | Canon 24-70@28mm
ISO 640 | F/2.8 | 1/500
Black Velvet by RC Presets

What Corinne said…

“My bride was really excited to get photos and had mentioned she wanted some creative shots which was perfect because I’ve been trying to push myself out of my comfort zone recently. When I was looking at my instagram feed I noticed that I always place my couples in the centre of the scene so I was specifically looking for different frames with that in mind. When I saw the windows I already knew Kayleigh and David would be up for it, the dress was the perfect silhouette as it was quite a structured material at the top. I knew instantly that I would edit it as a black and white image. Originally I pictured them standing completely side on facing each other but Kayleigh put her arms up like this as a joke because she felt fancy haha and I was like waaaaait! That’s the photo! It still has the symmetry that I love without being central and I felt like I’d achieved a little personal goal the minute I snapped it. To then win image of the week was like the cherry on top.”

The Tech Talk

“I imagined the end result and shot it specifically to have it silhouetted but I still wanted some detail on their faces so I asked the couple to turn their faces slightly.”