One of the biggest things that I took away for my own photography business from last year's Farm Week was that I really needed to improve my client experience. Listening to our mentors Samm Blake and Matt Miller talk about how much care they put into the entire experience that a client has with them from initial enquiry through to delivery of products made me realise that I had been letting this side of my own business slip. The busier I got, the more corners I cut, to the point where I was delivering a soulless digital download and then not really having any further involvement with clients. So it's no wonder my referral rate was also slipping. Both Samm and Matt were on the American Photo magazine's top 10 wedding photographers in the world and sitting in on their workshops, it dawned on me that of course, you don't get to those dizzy heights without putting in a lot of extra effort.

So shortly after Farm Week, I got to working on improving my business, the client experience that I gave and my brand. As part of this, I wanted a product to deliver the final images in, that felt above and beyond what the client might be expecting. So I searched for an outstanding way to present both digital images and some prints. Something tactile, enticing and that promoted my brand. I saw some wooden boxes at The Photography Show but they were not UK based and the prices were pretty prohibitive. When I got home, I kept searching and that's when I saw Wooden Banana online. I was immediately drawn in by the gorgeous imagery on their site and then I saw that it was all started by ace UK photographer Mark Pacura. It turned out that the prices are really reasonable so I ordered my first set. If you want to try before committing to a full set of 20, they offer a sample service so you can see how one box and stick looks.



All year, I've been sending these to clients and I've been having fun with the contents of each box. The bar is kind of set high by Wooden Banana themselves. Their Facebook page is full of gorgeous photos of the boxes and their contents. I even try to match them in with the style of the wedding and pop in little items that are different each time. I package everything inside the box really nicely so that the experience of unwrapping it all is exciting. Getting your images is often the last part of all the wedding events and getting one of these in the post is way more thrilling than a digital download alone. I've had fantastic feedback and the referrals? Well they are back up, so I'm immensely pleased.

Wooden Banana are working hard on bringing new products to us in the near future and I can't wait to see what they come up with.

How about this for an incredible giveaway? As part of our huge Farm Week 16 Sponsor contest, this week we will be giving away two sets of 20 rectangular boxes and memory sticks from Wooden Banana. Just head to our Facebook page to enter. We are very happy to say that both Samm Blake and Matt Miller are returning to teach workshops at Farm Week 16. If you need to up your game, then I'd highly recommend either class.