What If A Wedding Day Is Not Perfect? – Image of the Week #441

Here at Photography Farm, we are delighted to continue Pride Month by devoting our Image Of The Week posts to queer-owned photography businesses.

We skip over to beautiful Portugal where the married duo, Janine and Janice of JJMT Photography are based. I loved meeting this pair at our Thrive conference as they are from my homeland of Northern Ireland – cue my real accent returning!

This looks like a perfectly composed wedding image – there is a wonderfully warm connection between the couple and also with the photographer. Her gown is a dream, I love how the groom is casually holding the bouquet. They are delightfully framed in the impressive scenery and it all just screams picture-perfect.

However, hearing what this couple had been through in the days leading up to this gives more context to this perfection.

Sometimes as photographers, we are simply doing our very best with the circumstances at the time. There’s talk about wedding photos being timeless but this has never resonated with me. They are always about their time and what is important to the subjects at that time, what they feel within the instant that a photo is taken, and what is happening around them.

Doing a good job for them can sometimes mean bringing them into the present and allowing people to just be. This is a serene image and a testament to Janine’s skills at being able to produce exceptional work in exceptional times.

Canon EOS R6m2 | Canon 35mm 2.8
ISO 35 | f4 | 1/
own preset

What Janine said…

“You’ve been planning your wedding for over a year. Everything is set, paid for, and organised. All your family have flown from Canada to be there with you, to celebrate the best day of your life. You have a pool party a few days out, and everyone is super excited for the big event.

One day before the wedding, your mum has a huge emergency with her heart and is rushed to hospital. Your world collapses.

This was reality for Nicole & Adam. A real-life nightmare for them.

But thankfully the nightmare had a happy ending. Her amazing venue @quintadesantana pulled out all the stops to reschedule their event for a few days later. All their suppliers came together, rearranged their schedules to be there for them. And Nicole’s mum recovered well enough to attend the wedding a few days later, thanks to the great health care in Portugal.

They had the most amazing day in the end and we are so thankful to have been apart of it. ??”

The Tech Talk

“It’s important to give the couple a few prompts to get them into this casual but romantic pose. Thinking about composition and background for this shot was also important because we wanted to capture the rolling hills but not a lot of the buildings that were in view. The sun was actually setting behind me for this shot but because it was a cloudy day we used this positioning to get some good light on the couple.”