Wedding Photographers, Are You Even Blogging?

So here’s a thing – I’ve had dozens of wedding photographers through my mentoring programme now. Some have been in the industry for 10 years or more and some have businesses that are relatively new. Yes even after everything that’s happened in the last couple of years there are still people coming into wedding photography.

Now one thing that they seem to have in common is the struggle to blog. I’d say that only around 10% of my students blog regularly and no, once a year does not count as regularly! I created a poll in the Farm Facebook group and these results make my marketing heart so sad.

It’s obvious to me that this is a sorely neglected part of many photographers’ businesses. Yet those same photographers are often regularly showing up in other spaces. They might be making Instagram Reels or Stories, creating boards over on Pinterest or lipsyncing better than Posh Spice back in the day over on TikTok. All of that content takes time to produce and for what? To be pushed in front of a tiny section of your followers for a tiny section of time? It can easily take 30 minutes to an hour to create an impactful social media post. Could that time be better spent on blogging?

Of course in an ideal world, I would encourage you to do both. I’ve never been a fan of putting all your marketing eggs in one basket. But if you are struggling with making that time, then think about this. Your website is the only piece of digital real estate that you actually own – it’s the one place that you control. Everywhere else, your content is at the mercy of those mysterious algorithms and who’s to say that any one platform might not disappear altogether? Remember MySpace? No, me neither.

As photographer Caroline Opacic said in my group, “I always see the benefit but blogging is one of the first things to go down the pan when I’m busy”. This terrifies me because I know how much effort it is to make content. The biggest excuse is that ‘I’m too busy’ but a simple shift in mindset can make a huge difference. Instead of beginning your content with creating for social media, how about beginning on your blog?

It can be a simple post that shows off your latest wedding. You can focus on one particular aspect that might be useful to other couples, like where to throw confetti at XX venue, where to have portraits at XX venue, or you could just blog the wedding. One thing that can contribute to inertia is being conscious of the clever ways that you should blog – Like making guides for couples such as How To Elope in XX Location. The trouble with this type of content is that it’s time-consuming to create and so if that’s your idea of what all your blog posts should be then it’s no wonder that you are putting it off.

Here’s the news for you, there’s still plenty of space for those simple blog posts that report on Wedding At XX Venue. The reason for this is that your future couples are very likely to google that exact term when they are researching their venue. So you have a decent chance of showing up on that kind of search, especially if you play your SEO cards right.

With 77% of all internet users still regularly consuming blog posts in one form or another, well-optimised blogs are a great way of making your website work for you in the background.

ANY blog post is better than no blog posts. Google is sending out its little search spiders to our sites all of the time and if they find no new content on yours, they will report back that you are not as interesting a business as someone else who is blogging. Maybe you are the kind of photographer who shares tips for couples over on your Insta, could they be collated into a useful blog post?

Another common excuse is ‘I’m rubbish at writing’. Well, the good news there is that you are not rubbish at taking photos. You have a very useful skill that many other wedding suppliers don’t. Whilst they should all be blogging too, they might struggle to make it look as pretty as yours can with your pro photos. If words are a struggle for you, keep them to a minimum and let your pictures do the talking. Remember that Google searches images as well as words so just ensure that you are sending yours out with some useful metadata. This is super simple to do at the export stage of Lightroom. You can also add in Alt Text when posting them on your blog.

Anything that you post on your blog can then be repurposed into social media posts. Except now you’ve done the hard work already. You’ve got an image selection, you’ve got words that can be copied and pasted into captions. Blogging saves you time when it comes to creating social media content.

Remember the most important thing is to just show up on your blog. Trust me, the more that you do it, the better you will get at it and the better the results that you get will be. You are blogging for marketing, this means creating content for your future clients. You’ve had the money from your past clients and they’ve received their gallery. This is about protecting your future and ensuring that you can keep the momentum going. 

As for time, well would it shock you to know that on average I spend just 30 minutes blogging a wedding? Now I’m pretty sure that if I can find half an hour in a week to blog, so can you. If you want to see me do it and find out my secrets then join me on my How To Blog A Wedding In 30 Minutes class. As an added bonus, Jodie is also going to let you know some simple SEO tips. So what’s your excuse now?

images for Rock n Roll Bride Magazine