Using Off Camera Flash In Wedding Photography – Farmers Image Of The Week #390

So many wedding photographers are afraid to embrace flash and yet in the winter months it can be your number one creative friend. The flashgun is kicking around your kit bag anyway and it can be placed either on the camera or off camera for even more possibilities. Trust me, it’s nowhere near as hard as you might think to get yours set up to work as OCF.

This simple technique demonstrated so very well here by Lee Allen is something that he has taught at Farm a few times. What I love about it is that it also embraces bad weather and turns a little rain into an additional creative element. It’s like nature’s glitter curtain!

It’s incredible that the couple are just lit with what was available to Lee at the time, a security light. This isn’t some complicated arrangement, this is about making the best of any location and thinking creatively. It’s also about knowing that you can enhance it further in post production.

Lee has kindly sent over his unedited file for us to compare. Although it’s still great, his final image is more balanced and allows the subjects to really pop in the frame.

Lee teaches this exact technique over in The Barn. We have two flash workshops in there from him so if you are thinking you need to up your flash game in 2022, you would learn so much by signing up.

Sony a7iii | Sony 35 1.4 | f/1.4 | 1/60 | ISO 3200


What Lee Said…

We had moved Sam and Stacey’s wedding day a few times due to the C-word and sadly on the day of their big day it rained…. A LOT!!! Fortunately, Clearwell Castle has a few spots where you can shelter from the weather. This was shot in the gatehouse, a big archway on the way to the main house. I shot a total of about 25 images with this set up starting wide and getting tighter.
I got soaked through walking to get this shot as we only had two umbrellas – one for the couple and one for me and the videographer – totally worth it

The Tech Talk…

The couple are lit from the front by a security light (sadly a little orange) and then I had a godox AD100 behind then zoomed to around 80mm and on about 1/64th power. The godox AD100 is my go to for OCF setups now as it’s such a great little powerhouse. It’s basically a powerful strobe the size of a can of coke as it also has a modelling light it makes it perfect for very quick set ups like this as its also pretty water resistant.

I knew the white balance would be all over the place because of the security light but thankfully Sony images have a good amount of flexibility.
On the bottom left of the image, there was a fairly big orange light from one of the castles exterior lights but I planned to make the most of it and used gradient filters in Lightroom to emphasise the reds and the blues.

Overall a very simple but effective setup and edit that embraced the challenging weather.