Using Modern Architecture In A Wedding Portrait


Using Modern Architecture In A Wedding Portrait

Beautiful Scottish landscapes are nothing new for these winning images as you will know if you’ve been following us for a while. However, I really like this different take on the theme from Kristin Sharp at Struve Photography.

This is the perfect marriage between the natural world and architecture, with this stunning view reflected in the glass of the very modern building. The ship mast gives this an otherworldly feeling, they look a little like giant spiderwebs or cracks in the glass.

Then placed in the centre of the frame we have this serene couple, looking perfectly comfortable as if they go there every day dressed like this.

Kristen says there isn’t anything particularly technical about this image but often the best photography feels like it falls into place. This usually happens when there is a high level of skill, like understanding composition and light – their skin looks luminous and they very much pop out of the frame instead of being swamped by such a huge scene. It is an elegant, understated, and impressive wedding portrait and I can see why it was nominated for this recognition.


CAMERA: Canon R6 | Sigma 35mm art

ISO: ISO 125 | F/2.8 | 1/640

PRESET: Own Preset


“Going for a simple photo composition is sometimes the most effective.”

“I’ve been to the Tall Ship and Riverside Museum in Glasgow many times with my family, and always loved the reflection of the old ship in the modern building. However I’ve only been in the middle of the day before, so this was the first time I saw how gorgeous it looks at sunset.

The couple had a late ceremony on the Tall Ship which meant there were no visitors around when we went for their couple session. It was so calm and beautiful and the light was absolutely perfect. The dark background contrasting with the couple in the light, and that gorgeous green dress really made it pop for me. I wanted to find a subtle and different angle to incorporate their venue into the photo with them. Fiona was showing her amazing dress pockets as well, and I loved how elegant she and James just looked standing together.”


Using Modern Architecture In A Wedding Portrait

“I don’t think there’s anything particularly technical about this, just going for a simple photo composition is sometimes the most effective.”



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