Using An Additional Element Like Birds In Your Frame – Image of the Week #406

There’s so much to love about this Image Of The Week from the very brilliant Scottish Duo Rachel and Tonie. The composition is perfect, with the couple carefully positioned in the central lower third area which is immediately pleasing. The hills behind cut through below their shoulders which is always much more comfortable to the eye than if it cuts through heads.

But the magical elements of this frame are those pretty birds that have nicely filled the space around the couple like feathery confetti plus their movement. You can feel their joy even though you cannot see their expressions. There’s a great energy and whimsy in this shot and that’s why it was nominated by another photographer as a winner. I have to say I 100% agree – this is such a great shot.

Canon R6 | Canon 35mm 1.4 II | f/2.5 | 1/8000| ISO 100

own preset

What Rachel and Tonie Said…

“This elopement was a dream for us to capture. After a boat trip to an unpopulated island, the couple and the celebrant asked us where would be best to do the ceremony. We could all see the seagulls in the distance and knew that would be the spot overlooking the Paps of Jura. After taking a moment to watch the birds we asked our couple to just go up and enjoy the view on their own. It was incredible and the spring in the brides step as she walked along was out of sheer happiness and I love that you can feel this in the photo. It crossed our minds to stop them and ask them to pose in this scene but what they did on their own was way better and we didn’t want to take them out of their pre ceremony excitement bubble.”