Using a Drone For Destination Wedding Portraits – Farmers Image Of The Week #389

Dare I say it but could destination wedding shooting be finally opening back up to more photographers? This is one of the parts of our industry that has been most affected by the constant shifts and changes. However some determined photographers have been able to keep this part of their business alive. Perhaps these additional challenges have also led to them pushing themselves even farther when it comes to shooting creatively.

For Lauren Knuckey, this was her first trip since 2020 and her first job of 2022. When it came to thinking of how to approach shooting in such an exotic location, she chose to incorporate the elements that we’d expect from a tropical beach but from an unusual viewpoint.

Drones open up the possibilities to place a camera in the sky and by doing exactly that here, Lauren has created a natural frame for the couple using the palms. They embrace in the centre and it looks like they have this wonderful location all to themselves. It’s both romantic and whimsical – it also makes me want to get a stack of travel brochures.

DJI Mavic Pro | f/2.2 | 1/100 | ISO 200


What Lauren Said…

“The main idea behind the shot was different perspective. When you think of a Caribbean Island, you think of palm trees, blue sea and white sand. I love how a palm tree in a photograph immediately transports you a tropical island. I wanted to incorporate palms but from a different perspective, so droning was the answer!

The aim with the composition was of course to have Christine and Mike as the subjects in the image and I wanted to use the palms to frame them beautifully and highlight the natural tropical surroundings. By using the drone to shoot directly downwards, it draws the attention to the subjects while the palms look as though they were placed deliberately there to frame them.”