Tips For Great Lying Down Couple Portraits – Image of the Week #440

It is wonderful that we now see a fair amount of representation for LGBQT+ weddings here in the UK. Here at Photography Farm we are dedicating Pride month to celebrating and elevating Queer-owned photography businesses from within our community. All of our Images Of The Week for June, starting last week with Esme’s image will fit this criteria. It has been a huge pleasure to specifically view these accounts and see how much talent there is.

This frame from Amy at Flashbulb is packed to the edges with joy and romance. It is skillfully executed as posing people when they are lying down isn’t the easiest. It can look very uncomfortable or lead to unflattering angles but by using careful direction, Amy has not only ensured that her subjects felt relaxed but also used arms and hands to frame the subjects and add another layer to expressing their affection for each other.

Wedding photography is often as much about giving your clients a good experience as creating good photos. If they connected with the experience they usually connect more with the images. It sounds like this was a fun way to wrap up the wedding day photo session for everyone involved and as Amy says there is an added layer to this in that rainbow confetti.

Is there anything that you can do to join in with our month of elevation?

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Sony A9 | Sony 35mm 1.4 GM
ISO 400 | f4 | 1/250
own preset

What Amy said…

“We tell our couples ‘If you think you’ve got enough confetti, double it.’ Charlotte and Georgi took this literally and we had so much confetti (bio-degradable obvs). We decided to keep a 1KG bag back for the evening, when they had a confetti fight on the bridge at Fairyhill. The girls had so much fun, a couple of guests got involved and then when they were covered, the last shot was this one; the post-confetti fight lay-down.

The Tech Talk

“There’s no drone or a ladder involved with this shot, we are both (myself and other half of Flashbulb Jess, on video) simply leaning over them.
We placed a blanket underneath them so they didn’t get dirty but it is hidden under the dress. We positioned them so that each of their heads lay in the crook of the other’s arm, that way they aren’t flat on the floor and it’s a bit more of a cwtch. Charlotte and Georgi were naturally giggly together, so it made photographing them very easy.
Although it wasn’t intentional at the time, there is a lot of significance in the multi-coloured confetti covering a same-sex couple. A giant celebration of everything pride, rainbow colours and just two people madly in love.”