Tips For Curating Your Wedding Photography Portfolio

As we step into the autumn season, it’s the perfect time to take a pause and reflect on our photography year so far. Looking back, I can’t help but feel a little smug – I believe I accurately predicted the trends in wedding photography for the year once again. Now, as the leaves change colour, it’s the ideal time to tidy up our businesses, evaluating what worked, what didn’t, and what we want to carry forward. Today I’m going to share with you some tips for curating your wedding photography portfolio.

One crucial aspect that deserves attention during this seasonal introspection is our portfolios. With a whole year’s worth of fresh images in hand, it’s the perfect time to curate and refresh, ensuring that the portfolio page on our websites is as enticing as a pumpkin spice latte.

A portfolio is a window into our world – it showcases our best work and captures the hearts of potential clients. So, it’s crucial to make it shine before we head into another Engagement Season. After all, following your homepage, the portfolio page is highly likely to be the next most visited page on your website. Let’s dive into some strategies that will leave a lasting impression on those who come across your portfolio.

Review and Refresh

To start, let’s carefully review our existing portfolio with a discerning eye. It’s not about quantity; it’s about quality. Take your time analysing each image, asking yourself if it truly represents your best work and unique style. Remember, less can often be more, so don’t hesitate to trim the excess and leave only the true gems. Just as Marie Kondo advises, if an image no longer sparks joy for you, it’s time to let it go.

Keep It Lean

The biggest mistake I’ve seen photographers make with their portfolio is overstuffing it. Personally, I keep my portfolio under 30 images. However, I’ve come across some with well over 200 images. Remember, your portfolio is meant to offer an overview, not showcase every single thing you’re capable of. Save that for your blog or galleries. Keeping your portfolio heavily curated allows you to make a bold statement that resonates with your audience.

Selecting Standout Images

Choosing images that truly stand out requires a strategic approach. What’s the one message you wish to convey to potential clients? Let your images do the talking. It’s not just about technical perfection; focus on images that evoke emotion and convey your unique vision. Strive for consistency to establish a cohesive and recognisable style. When clients come across your portfolio, they should instantly understand your signature touch.

A Page That Sells You

Keep in mind that your portfolio can be a powerful selling tool. In many wedding planning scenarios, one person is in charge of researching each part, presenting a shortlist to others involved. Consider how potential clients might use your portfolio for this purpose. Make it well-defined, easy to navigate, and concise, so it sells you effectively.

Presenting Your Photography with Flair

Now that we’ve curated a portfolio that speaks volumes about our brand, let’s focus on presentation. How we showcase our work can significantly impact how it’s perceived by potential clients. Opt for a clean and user-friendly website design that allows your images to take centre stage. Minimise distractions and ensure navigation is seamless. You want potential clients to feel captivated, not overwhelmed.

Show Your Ideal Client

Your portfolio is the perfect place to display what for you is either an ideal client or an ideal wedding. Think “Would I want to shoot this again?” and if the answer is yes, then it’s a keeper. I say this all the time to photographers, “Show What You Want To Shoot”. If you feel that for you that isn’t yet visible in your work, then what can you do to get it? There are plenty of styled shoot workshops around, consider booking onto one or contact the photographers that you admire and aspire to be like and see if they offer any group shoots. I’m a big believer in producing your own portfolio content and regularly set up shoots just to boost what’s in my portfolio and keep it aligned with where I’m aiming to be in the industry.

Showcase Diversity

While it’s essential to have a cohesive style, it is also ideal to showcase a diverse range of weddings and couples in your portfolio. Demonstrating your ability to capture various cultural backgrounds, themes, and settings so that more than one type feel they can identify with your work and would feel comfortable booking you.

Create Separate Galleries

If you specialise in different types of photography services, such as portraits, editorials, or elopements, consider creating separate galleries within your portfolio. This approach allows potential clients to find and focus on the type of photography that aligns with their needs without having to filter out the content that is not relevant to them.

Make It Mobile-Friendly

In today’s digital age, many clients view portfolios on their mobile devices, especially if they are coming across from social media. Ensure your website and portfolio are mobile-friendly and optimised for different screen sizes. Aim for a responsive design for your portfolio that looks great on any device.

Call To Action

Don’t forget to include a clear call to action at the end of your portfolio. Guide viewers to the next relevant part of your website, such as an About Page or your Blog. Lead them through a journey that aligns with your brand message and encourages them to go on a deeper dive into your world where they get to know you and your work.

Crafting a memorable portfolio is an ongoing journey, just like our photography careers. Regularly take the time to review, refresh, and select images that resonate with your style and brand message. Embrace simplicity in your presentation while showcasing your unique style.

Your portfolio is not just a collection of images; it’s your artistic voice, passion, and love for the art of wedding photography. Let it shine brightly and attract the kindred spirits who will trust you to deliver more portfolio-worthy images.



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