Thrive: Rediscovering Romance With Photographer Joy Zamora in Scotland

Thrive: Rediscovering Romance With Photographer Joy Zamora In Scotland

Thrive: Rediscovering Romance With Photographer Joy Zamora In Scotland

The Thrive Conference is always a highlight in the Photography Farm calendar, and this year, we were fortunate to have photographer Joy Zamora grace us with his exceptional talent. Joy is an in-demand destination wedding photographer based in Spain. His latest gallery from the Thrive Conference shoot at the Dunglass Estate in Scotland is nothing short of breathtaking. Joy chose to capture his images in and around the derelict church on the estate – a fascinating structure that no longer has a roof or windows, yet stands as a hauntingly beautiful relic of the past.

“A simple brush of a hand against a cheek, a lone bird flying across the open sky…” Joy Zamora

The Venue: Dunglass Estate’s Derelict Church

Dunglass Estate, with its stunning landscape and historical architecture, provides a magical backdrop for wedding photography. Joy chose to spend most of the shoot time in and around the derlict church on the estate. Without a roof or windows, it is bathed in natural light, creating a mystical atmosphere that Joy expertly expressed in his photos.

Joy Zamora’s Artistic Vision

Joy Zamora is known for his ability to infuse every shot with emotion and narrative. His approach to this shoot was no different. By choosing the derelict church, he harnessed its open, light-filled spaces to create a series of images that are both ethereal and grounded. The natural light streaming through the empty window frames and open roof provided a soft, diffused glow that highlighted the intimacy and connection between the couple.

Intimate Close-Ups

One of the standout features of Joy’s gallery is his intimate close-ups. These photos draw the viewer into the couple’s private world, capturing the nuances of their expressions and the subtle details.

Dramatic Silhouettes

Another striking element of the gallery is the use of silhouettes. By positioning the couple against the large, open window frames of the church, Joy created dramatic, almost otherworldly images. These silhouettes, with the natural landscape in the background, are both majestic and deeply romantic.



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