Thrive: Esmé Whiteside Scotland Gallery

Thrive: Esmé Whiteside Scotland Gallery

Thrive: Esmé Whiteside Scotland Gallery

Esmé Whiteside has an approach to social media that is deeply rooted in authenticity. She believes in using platforms not just to showcase work, but to express one’s true self, making genuine connections with potential clients. Her transition from Instagram, where she captured the hearts of many, to TikTok, reflects her adaptability and keen understanding of digital trends. At Thrive, she shared how TikTok’s dynamic nature and sharp algorithm have opened new avenues to engage with audiences effectively.

A Style That Speaks Volumes

Esme’s photographic style – moody, atmospheric, and intimate – echoes the storied depth of classical art, which she masterfully intertwines with modern narrative techniques. Her Day Two session was a testament to this, as she demonstrated live, the art of creating viral content that stays true to one’s brand ethos.

“When I started, I had a very strong vision of what I wanted my work to look like—I’ve always been inspired by the Dutch Masters, and I wanted my work to look like oil paintings” Esmé Whiteside

If you missed out on Thrive earlier this year, don’t worry, because I am shaking things up and making in a bi-annual conference. Yes, we get to go again this October in London.

If you’ve not joined us at one of these yet, first of all, what are you waiting on? And secondly, you are SRSLY missing out because not only do we ask our presenter’s to share their knowledge and industry insights with us, but we also go out in small groups and photograph real couples styled to wedding perfection.

So I’ve got a treat for you – I’m thrilled to share some images from the spectacular Esmé Whiteside, who dazzled us with her mastery over social media’s evolving landscape during her talk on the first day of our Thrive conference.

Esmé, who embarked on her full-time wedding photography career in 2019, just months before the pandemic reshaped our world, has utilised social media as her primary marketing tool, bringing a fresh perspective to wedding photography through both Instagram and TikTok.

“My Thrive shoot on the second day with Esmé was great – she made sure everyone had a chance to get content and the styling was utterly brilliant”

Jodi Hanagan




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