Thrive: Esmé Whiteside London Gallery

Thrive: Esmé Whiteside London Gallery

Thrive: Esmé Whiteside London Gallery

We are continuing this series of galleries devoted to the Day Two Sessions at our annual conference, Thrive. This week, it’s the turn of Esmé Whiteside, our Queen Of The North. Over the day, she took out three small groups of wedding photographers who were keen to see how she directs couples and shoots in her dark, moody, storytelling style. In the heart of London, amidst the bustling streets of the vibrant Holborn district, Alyssa and Louise celebrated their love with perfectly blended elegance with modern sophistication. Each image tells a story of love, connection, and the beauty of embracing one’s true self. With styling and bridalwear by the very brilliant Jean Jackson Couture, these sessions epitomise modern, intimate city chic.

“Thrive is an amazing source of inspiration that has undoubtedly sparked change and growth in my business! I have gained a supportive new community, some amazing new content and invaluable advice for both the business and creative side of wedding photography.” Gemma Sandell

The Setting: Urban Chic at The Hoxton

The Hoxton, Holborn, with its contemporary style and eclectic charm, served as the perfect location for this celebration. Esme’s vision of diverse, cinematic storytelling, was further explored out on the urban streets of London, in and around the hotel. She used various cafes as places to stop and have interactions before exploring the surroundings further.

Styling the Day: A Nod to Personal Flair

Both girls shone in their unique bridalwear, reflecting their individual personalities while harmoniously blending as a couple. The corseted mini dress and classic veil paired with red-soled shoes spoke of contemporary bridal beauty, while the sleek black suit and stylish hats added a dash of modern rebellion.

A Testament to Connection and Craft

Throughout the session, Esmé emphasised the importance of connection – not just between the subjects but also between the photographer and the couple. This philosophy was evident in how Alyssa and Louise interacted with each other and their environment, comfortable and authentic, amid the public gaze of a London setting.




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