Are you ready to grow your wedding photography business?


Our two day, all star wedding photography workshop – taught by six phenomenal Mentors.

4-5th Oct | BRIGHTON + 7-8th Oct | GLASGOW

What’s Thrive? It’s our brand new workshop designed to get you inspired for the year ahead, to improve your shooting and to grow your business. You know that next level that everyone talks about? Let’s actually get you there.

We have asked six highly esteemed wedding photographers to break shooting a wedding day down for us. Each is going to play to their strengths and teach a section that they love to shoot. Imagine learning from the best of the best – teaching their best – that’s Thrive.

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Born in Scotland under a wandering star, I spent a lot of my childhood daydreaming, drawing, looking up at the night sky and playing music. I studied film and photography in Edinburgh and began my career as a junior photographer on local newspaper shooting arty pictures of wheelie bins and parking attendants. After this baptism of fire I worked for a press picture agency and this work took me on editorial assignments to the US, Russia and some not so glamorous parts of Scandinavia.

I reluctantly shot my first wedding to pay for a new guitar amp and to my surprise, enjoyed it, I never looked back. I love the quiet, minimalist moments but also love the ruckus of a party. My biggest achievement? To still be in business after all these years, to have weathered the storms, made people happy with the work I have given them and to still be stupidly fucking excited about my craft and its potential to connect people – to be open to evolution as a creative, to be open to listening and learning and questioning. Not being a dick (most of the time)

Sean is covering shooting PREP on Day One at Thrive.





Lisa Devlin shot her first wedding back  in 2000. Amongst her accolades she was named Wedding Photographer of the Year by The British Journal of Photography and is in The Stylist Magazine’s Top 10 Alternative Wedding Photographers.

In 2011 she started Photography Farm, offering training and support to other wedding photographers. She writes a monthly column for Professional Photographer magazine and shoots editorials for Rock n Roll bride Magazine. When not writing about herself in the third person, you can find her hanging out in Brighton.

Lisa is hosting and covering shooting GROUPS on Day One at Thrive.





Starting as a political news and celebrity portrait photographer in DC, Sam was instantly drawn to wedding photography as a space to promote more inventive ideas. Sam’s focus is on photographic techniques that are deceptively simple, but have potential to transform difficult or uninspiring shooting environments into one of a kind opportunities for every photo made. 

He is a highly creative maverick in this industry who values trust from his clients above any other attributes. For him “This trust drives me to find the perfect balance between creative experimentation and honest documentation.”

He has taught at Farm a few times now and always amazes us with his ability to produce outstanding images in any environment.

Sam will be covering PORTRAITS on Day One at Thrive.





Nadia Meli was born in Italy but grew up in Germany. She now lives by the sea in England and shoots intimate weddings and elopements all over Europe. In her own words “I am Nadia, a little bit Italian, a little bit German with a british heart. My style is very much guided by my vision to make people feel loved and like they belong. I am a Nikon Ambassador and was recently on their judging panel for the Nikon Photo Contest in Tokyo. Secretly I am on an undercover mission to change the photography industry from herd – styled shoots and template workshops to bringing out the unique artist in each photographer I meet.’

She is known for an honest rawness in her work and has been published in many magazines and on the world’s top wedding blogs. Nadia says “Where your passion and talent meet the biggest heartache of your life – that is always where your purpose is”. 

Nadia will be covering Shooting CEREMONIES on Day One at Thrive.





Polish wedding photographer, Maciej Suwalowski is totally OK with you just calling him Magic. As the ‘Magic Wedding Photographer’ he considers himself to be a “magician of light and master of disaster”. In fact before photography he was a professional lighting designer.

You might know Magic if you watch the Insta Stories from the Way Up North Conferences, he is funny AF. But he is also passionate about education and hosts the Boring Workshop in Poland along with Mark Pacura. He is also one of the Sony Europe Imaging Ambassadors.

Magic is covering Shooting THE PARTY on day one at Thrive.






For over a decade the work of Dom & Liam Shaw of York Place Studios has become synonymous with creative reinvention, breaking down stereotypes and a bold and unique signature style that blurs the lines of ‘traditional’ wedding photography. Their clear street influences combine seamlessly with their wedding work, injecting colour, humour, subtle characterisation and detailed, thoughtful layering within each frame.

In throwing out the traditional rules of Documentary photography and making their own they create bold, colourful images layered with personality and feeling from even the most seemingly insignificant of moments. Their creative street-inspired style has taken them all around the globe for weddings, street trips and to share their unique voice, philosophy and vision with photographers looking to create truthful, original imagery right there in the moment and just the way it felt to be there. They say “It’s not the wedding that needs to give you more, it’s up to you to leave preconceptions at the door and open your eyes to what’s already there”.

Liam and Dom will be covering Shooting RECEPTIONS at Thrive.





Thrive is a Two Day workshop taking part this March in both Brighton and Glasgow. Day One is presentations with our six Mentors each talking about how they shoot a part of the wedding day. Sean Bell – Wedding Prep; Nadia Meli – Ceremonies; Lisa Devlin – Groups; Sam Hurd – The Portraits; York Place Studios – Receptions and finally Maciej Suwalowski – The Dancefloor. Day Two is shooting with the Mentors in small groups. Now though, we are adding in some brilliant business focused content on Day Two. These will happen in between the Shoot Sessions so that everyone can take part and in addition we will have activities such as website reviews and business mastermind groups for anyone not in Shoot Sessions.

We want you to finally nail how your shoot weddings and how you run your business. So we recommend that you join us for both days to get the very most out of Thrive. The tickets are split though into Day One and then the individual Day Two Shoot Sessions – this is so that you can choose which Mentors to be with or you can opt to just do Day One or Day Two. The business content on Day Two is open to anyone who buys any ticket and if you can, spend the whole day with us.

See the full timetables and FAQs.


  • Day One is about SHOOTING THE WEDDING. Our Mentors are each teaching sections of the day based on their strengths.
  • Day Two still has Shoot Sessions but also BUSINESS SESSIONS that all attendees can take part in.
  • Thrive is taking part within quirky BOUTIQUE HOTELS – this time you can stay with us for the whole time.
  • We are even including lunch and snacks so you can just concentrate on THE LEARNING.
  • As we are ALL IN ONE PLACE, we have more chances for you to mix with your fellow attendees and the Mentors.
  • You will be INSPIRED on how to shoot weddings and how to run your business.
  • You will leave with NEW DIRECTION, new friends and a killer goody bag.


“Photography Farm is always an incredible experience – they bring a line-up of down to earth, generous mentors who also happen to be some of the biggest names in photography. But it’s also a place to make lifelong pals and go to any time that you need support.”

Thrive is about nurturing you into being a better photographer and a better business.