i see the same things that made me fall in love with STAGE DIVES & HALF PIPES as i see in first dances & handwritten vows

this is what i see....

i was a pretty shy kid. who am i kidding, i still am. even with my 3 year old daughter, stella, i see it in her.... an observer.
it took me a very long time to find myself. i never jumped at any opportunities and kept my cards close to my chest.
once i found punk rock and skateboarding, thats when it all changed. something clicked and i felt alive. for the first time i felt at home.
there was something there in the energy, the "do it yourself" and the "no rules" approach at living your life.
it took away any barriers i placed on myself and made way for a self expression i never knew i had in me. 
i had to be a part of this living, breathing, visceral thing. 
in the beginning it was all about angst. fuck the world, I'm an outcast, no one understands, etc etc. and it was real.
and after years and years of  expressing it.... it actually started to leave my body. i became more aware of the community and what we were striving for, the positive aspects and the cry for change. that impacted me more that i could have ever imagined.
i spent my whole adolescence in this subculture, where we were never told NO. its because we created it. we didn't hear the music we like on the radio.. so we made our own. the things we read in the newspaper didn't speak to us, so we made our zines. the art we created wasn't to sell to the masses, it was our outlet and in our language. and it was beautiful.
fast forward 
here i am as a wedding photographer. and i see the same things that made me fall in love with stage dives & half pipes as i see in first dances & handwritten vows.
i see couples who love each other more that they can even understand. they feel that same sense or passion and energy that fuels real love.
i know punk rock was my first true love. nothing can replace that moment when it all clicked. and for some people its the first time they saw a piece of art, saw a picture, heard a certain song....
something hit and hit hard. made an impact that we all chase for the rest of our lives. i think a wedding is the closest we come to that feeling again. a new start together.
and i get to play a part in that. fuck yeah. thats what i see, the new beginning....
at 36 i've been witness to some pretty incredible things. I've been all over the world, playing music to people in brazil and south africa.
staying in squats in amsterdam and swimming off the black sand shores of new zealand on tour. i've photographed first dances in australia and nuptials from seattle and nyc to miami and los angeles. i've left a bit of my heart in every place i've been. and to me thats what the images i create are.
there is so much going on that is beautiful and it passes so quickly when most of the media is trying to scare the shit out of us every chance it gets.
this is my way of showing that life really is amazing if you choose to make it worth celebrating. viva love.

Living in Atlanta, American photographer Matt Miller is We Are Diamond Eyes. He specialises in shooting alternative weddings and punk rock bands. His images are created with passion, soul and truth. He was hailed as one of the world's top 10 wedding photographers by American Photo magazine and his masterclass at Farm Week on the 20th of February is his first European workshop. We expect to have our minds well and truly blown and the class will feature a couple shoot with the inimitable Kat and Gareth from Rock n Roll Bride. You still have time to grab your spot.