Imagine the scene, I was with my parents probably at a relatives house, it was always too hot, claustrophobic with no windows open and it felt like we were going to be stuck there FOREVER {you must remember this feeling right?}. Well I did this thing whenever I was totally bored out of my mind, I would draw the room or anything that I could see, I would draw with my finger on my thigh as I never had any paper or pens and I did this all day everyday. I guess it was the beginning of me looking at the world in a visual way and in particular I loved the banal everyday. So it is no big shakes that now as my living I get to capture the beauty of peoples everyday lives as I have been doing it or years, just now a days I use the camera instead of my knee!!!!!


I went on to study art at school and dreamed of being a painter, however this dream was cut shot when I failed my GCSE Art and headed off to do my A-Levels distraught and lost. I enrolled for some courses and was told I had a choice of Chemistry, Maths, French or Media Arts… I took the latter as I thought it sounded easy!! The day my new course started I discovered photography and fell in love hard!! I can honestly say discovering Photography saved me and still continues to today, it is my ultimate best friend.


The biggest thing for me is the incredible journey that I have been on with my camera. I started from a place of never fitting in, I was onto a non starter when I was born with red hair and that set me off on an alternative path. To be in the world and not feel you fit in is a weird place to be, at times I felt the odd one out, alone, invisible and restless. It all came together for me when I picked up a camera as I found a space that I could be in which was exciting and realised that I could create my own beautiful world to get lost in. So that is me in a nutshell I guess the rest is history, I have a huge box filled with negatives, my archive is huge. Each assignment, experience, job and photograph has brought me right here to you now. I put all my life experience into my decision making with my work. I pour in knowledge, the studying, the craftsmanship that I have learnt into capturing a moment so I can do this with an acute awareness of why….. Why I am taking that photograph or why I am processing it like that or why that camera or why that lighting source.


So since that day 18 years ago, my passion for photography has exploded, I have studied the whole craft at Degree Level from the darkroom to digital lab, exhibited my work in Art Galleries, lectured in Art schools, worked all over the world with my camera and now I run my own business!!! I even went back part time and did a foundation course in Art to scratch the painting itch!!! I discovered that it was never my destiny to be a painter, I can see painterly elements in my photographs.


To be in a place where I photograph weddings is extraordinary and I never guessed I would be here. I waited a long time for it to come together and I did make many mistakes on the way. The one thing I manage to do successfully is to call on all the experience and I strive to create and push myself to make exciting, artistic work and most of all I still want to create beautiful worlds for my clients and I.

We are huge fans of Joanna Brown’s here at Photography Farm and are over the moon that she has agreed to host her first UK workshop with us. As part of Farm Week, Joanna is offering her masterclass The Process for just £300 for a full day on the 2nd of February. All the details are here, we’d love for you to come along, it’s going to be amazing!