The Perfect Imperfect Wedding Photo – Image of the Week #426

“Find good light and put people in it.” I often think of this incredible piece of advice from US photographer Nessa K.

Sounds simple enough but wedding photographers can easily be distracted by seeking perfection. Weddings are not perfect, I’ve never been to one that is. There are simply too many logistics involved and no dress rehearsal, so of course there are imperfections. “The Perfect Imperfect” is what US wedding photographer John Dolan calls it in his book that I would highly recommend to anyone shooting weddings.

When you embrace this, you reflect back to people what their wedding day really felt like. Without the chairs in the background of this gorgeous image by Jade at Gasp Photography, it would potentially look more ‘perfect’ but not more expressive of what this day was. For me the chairs elevate it – this is not two beautiful models in a studio setting, it’s a couple experiencing their wedding together.

Of course, we also need to talk about that stunning light and how Jade has made the best of it. Finally, because it is shot on film, there’s an ethereal element that adds more depth to this. I’m expecting to see many more of these winning images to be shot on film this year – photographers, bring it on!

Canon EOS-3 | Canon 40mm 2.8 STM | f2.8 | ISO 800
Portra 800 35mm Film

What Jade said…

“The ceremony room was being turned around into the wedding breakfast room but the light was just sublime! We were in an old castle which had been painted fully white! So for a December wedding it was amazing as it was so bright! I originally shot avoiding the chairs but the light moved and I kind of like how the chairs in the background are still part of their story and the realness of the day it’s not all about aesthetic backdrops. I deliberately was shooting Portra 800 as I knew it was going to be a dark December day but I absolutely love the colours in this set of images!”