The Best Time of Year for Wedding Photos – Image of the Week #418

I would love to survey wedding photographers to find out the most popular time of year for them to get married themselves. My theory is that most would choose Autumn (or Fall for our friends across the pond). Why, because the light can be just so incredibly pretty and flattering at this time of year. The sun seems softer and as the trees get ready to discard their leaves with a final hurrah and explosion of warm tones, everything feels like it’s on the warmer end of the colour spectrum.

It’s a photographer’s dream and at the moment I am seeing lots of pretty pictures with autumn leaves. But what I adore about this clever shot from Euan Robertson, is that he evokes the spirit of autumn, he includes a tree and the warm tones but actually neither the sun nor the tree itself is in the frame. Yet this image is packed full of autumn. This is an incredibly creative use of the venue. I know the estate as we held one of our Shoot Days there. It’s stunning and I’ll bet they were surrounded by trees and autumn scenes but this just nails it for me. I’ll hand over to Euan for the tech talk on this one, whilst I go in search of a Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Fuji X100V | Fuji fixed 23mm | f/2.0 | 1/420| ISO 160

Phil Chester preset

What Euan Said…

“We had finished evening portraits and got some really nice backlit shots by the pond at the venue. As we walked back into the venue this shadow really caught my eye and the couple saw me getting a bit excited by it so really bought into the idea. There was a bit of careful positioning to make sure their faces didn’t fall into deep shadow and their eyes stayed lit. It’s a really straightforward shot and was just all about seeing and making use of the light. It helped that the couple was into the idea of making something a little less ordinary and looked so cool.

I tend to shoot with a wide aperture most of the day and it was bright enough for me to be shooting as base ISO so for exposure, it was just a matter of dialling up the shutter until I was exposing for the highlights. Luckily at this time of day, the light was tending toward soft so the only real deep shadow is in his suit which I’m fine with.

I kept the shadow on the left and the tree creeping in on the right to frame the couple and give a little bit more context.

The raw is very similar, just my import preset and then a bit of WB push to warm the whole thing up.”