Does your Lightroom feel slow? Does each preview image take an age to render? If it's driving you mad or you think you need to invest in yet another piece of software just to cull your images so you don't have to spend as much time in Lightroom, then wait right there. This super simple trick will speed Lightroom right up for you. It's so easy you will be kicking yourself for all that time that you have previously wasted. This is the first in Lisa's Speedy Workflow series of online tutorials which couldn't be timed better if you are facing a giant mountain of editing.  [private]
 ****UPDATE**** If you are using Lightroom CC and have updated to the latest versions there is now no need to rename the raw folder to switch off the files. It's been put into Preferences for us. Simply go Lightroom>Preferences>Performance and tick the box.[/private]