Have you tried Lightroom Mobile yet? You might be vaguely aware of it but have not got involved up until now or you might think your workflow doesn't need it. We were confused too, so we asked our Adobe expert Tigz Rice to break it all down for us. And we were very surprised at just how much can be achieved using the latest version of Lightroom Mobile on iPad. Imagine having a whole wedding culled and rated by the time you finish the train journey home! Or cull on the couch with one eye on the TV instead of being locked away in your office. Watch this fantastic online tutorial from Tigz to learn how and why you might use it. Also using Smart Previews with it, culling, editing and applying presets and all the best features. Before you start, make sure you have switched Lightroom Mobile on in your Lightroom Preferences and that you have downloaded the app to your mobile device and signed in to your Adobe CC. [private]