Do you order your prints and always feel that the colours are a little out? Even if you have calibrated your screen or you use a colour management system such as Spyder or Colormunki then results can often be not quite what you expected. Of course looking at an image on screen will always be different to a print but you want some consistency in what you output and you want to send out prints that are exactly what you were expecting. [private]The difference is simply down to the fact that the gamut or range of colours that your screen can see is not the same as the printer at the lab. Every lab uses different printers and so there is no universal setting that you can use to predict how your prints will look. Luckily most professional labs are happy to provide you with the profiles so you can 'Soft Proof'. These profiles are not for you to save your images in as the lab will do the conversion for you, they are simply for you to ensure that you know what you are getting. So continue to use the colour space that your lab prefers but before ordering, open the image in Photoshop and have a look at how it will appear with the particular profile used by your lab. Some labs will even supply you with the profile for all their individual printers and papers. If this all seems quite time consuming, then in reality this can be a job that you do from time to time to make sure that nothing is out. In the tutorial, Lisa takes you through how to add the colour profile from her lab Loxley and how to install it on a mac and use it in Photoshop. It is the same process for any lab, to find your particular lab's profiles, have a look on their site or google lab name + soft proofing.