So before we get down to the nitty gritty of Marketing Your Wedding Photography Business we need to do a couple of exercises first to help give you a unique direction and action plan. Grab a notebook and let's get started ....

[private] The first thing you need to do is define your market. Where exactly do you want to shoot? So write down, my market is....

For me, it's all over Great Britain. I will happily travel anywhere in the UK and Ireland for a wedding. I'm not big into destination weddings, I travelled a lot when I was a music photographer and so for me, I'd rather go to exotic places with my loved ones. But for you, you might want to combine your desire to travel along with your career or you might be the opposite. When my kids were tiny, my market naturally shifted to be more local, I wanted to be no more than an hour away so I could be home as early as possible. Knowing the geography of where you are aiming to work, is the first step in narrowing down your marketing.

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Next think about your particular genre of wedding photography. If you had to explain to a stranger with one defining word what style of wedding photography that you do, what would it be? I am a ........... wedding photographer. The traditional style is the biggest part of the UK market but if that is not where you want to be, then what are you? Alternative, Natural, Documentary, Quirky, Fun, Emotive, Fine Art. We are not looking at your business strapline here, just where you want to place yourself in the market. Personally I'm not a big fan of outwardly defining my work by advertising it as a certain genre. I want my clients to make their own minds up when they see my work and relate to it in their own way. However I do define this to myself when I come to creating marketing strategies and plans. Think of marketing like fishing. If you have a big budget and don't care about who you attract then head out with a trawler boat and a big net and you will scoop up a large amount of any old fish. However if it's one particular kind of fish that you want to catch, then go line fishing in a particular river with the right bait. I'm line fishing when it comes to marketing, I only want to shoot a certain amount of weddings per year so that I still have time to do other work. I do however want to shoot those weddings for clients that are really excited about their photography. So my particular genre would be Creative Wedding Photography and that is the part of the market I'm aiming to catch fish.

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Finally write down a list of attributes that Your Ideal Client would have. I do this for my ideal couple but if your market is not as millenial as mine is, this might just be bride focused. 

Where do they work?

Where do they buy their food, their clothes?

What do they do in their spare time?

What magazines do they read?

What music do they listen to?

What films do they watch?

What kind of wedding will they have? Church? Civil? Country? Urban?

What are their priorities for their wedding day?

Where will they buy their wedding clothes and other supplies?

Where are they looking for ideas?

Answer some or all of these or write your own. The point is not to only ever attract that particular client but to hone in on who you would ideally like to attract. With the UK market generally being very competitive, it pays to be specific, especially when it comes to investing your time and money. So now you have an idea of who it is you are marketing to and which part of the market you are in, let's work on your action plan. [/private]