In the run up to Farm Week 16, we will be asking all of our mentors these Ten Questions, to get to know them a little, to discover some new facts about them and because we just want to know more about what makes them tick. 

Next up for Ten Questions is Sam Hurd ~ super creative US photographer, master of prisms, free-lensing, the Brenizer Method, lens chimping, anamorphic lenses etc, etc, etc. Yes Sam is an all round experimental bad ass of wedding photography. When he taught a two day Photography Farm for us earlier this year, our tiny minds were quite literally blown. 





Can you remember the first camera that you ever owned and if so tell us about it?

A 1990 orange ninja turtle film camera. It imprinted a silhouette of a ninja turtle in the lower corner of every frame. Genius.


I sometimes think about how amazing the Instagram accounts would have been of people who are not around anymore, like Andy Warhol… His feed would have been incredible. Who do you think would have had a great Instagram?

I think there are plenty of people right now that would have incredible feeds, but aren't on the service! Example: Nick Brandt.


What’s the one piece of advice that you have been given that proved to have had the most influence on you?

With weddings - it matters if your 3,000th photo of the day is well done and compelling.


What function do you wish your camera could have that it doesn’t already?

Laser focus (not infrared) or in camera processing with the lightroom algorithms. 


If you were not a photographer what job would you be doing?

Computer Scientist.


What do you consider to be your greatest achievement so far?

Making a home with Nessa.


Name one book that you think we should go out and buy.

The Martian.


What’s the strangest thing you have ever been asked to photograph and did you do it?

A lamp post. For $50. I did it.


If you could go back and say one thing to yourself aged 20, what would it be?

Don't change a thing.


What question do you wish we’d asked you?

Why is creativity considered a good thing? It's a deep one, but something I've been wondering!

Sam is bringing his phenomenal Epic Workshop to Farm as part of Farm Week 16 on Wednesday 10/02/16. There are only a few spots remaining now but you would be very welcome.