Shooting Snowy Wedding Portraits At Night – Image of the Week #425

Would anything disturb you if you finally got to sit down at a wedding and have a well-earned break? How about if it started snowing? There’s always something magical about snow at weddings and it doesn’t have to be covering the ground to look amazing – It can also just be falling out of the sky.

Laura and Alex at In Between Days Photography recognised this as a rare opportunity and made the best of it for their willing couple. The fact that it was dark already made this shot even better as we can see the snow against the night sky and the glow from the festoon lights creates a wonderful atmosphere.

Asking the couple to dance makes this feel like a still from a film – the ending scene in a Romcom where the couple live happily ever after.

Nikon Z6ii | Nikon 50mm 1.8 | f1.8 | 1/500 | ISO 2000
Own Preset

What they said…

“We shot a very fun Hogmanay wedding in Fife, we had most of the day covered and sat down to have a coffee before the band started. The videographer looked outside and it was absolute magic, snow was coming down in big chunks like something from a film. We knew the couple were so much fun and up for absolutely anything. We suggested a trial first dance outside in the snow and of course they jumped at the chance. It was a first for us, and certainly a moment we won’t forget!”


“THANK GAWD for live view AF face tracking!! The couple had had a few drinks and were running around like children in the snow, dancing and messing around. So I pushed up my shutter speed and compensated with ISO and just shot the shit out of it, whilst still keeping the dreamy glowiness that comes at F1.8.”