Shooting a Pinterest Wedding – Image of the Week #410

This week, I am aiming to up my game on Pinterest. I confess that I kinda fell out of love with it a while back but recently I’ve got back into using it to plan shoots and I can see how useful it must be to anyone planning a wedding.

The biggest change if you haven’t been on there for a while is that your feed is no longer just people that you follow – it suggests pins to you based on your activity. This opens up a huge world of inspiration and creative possibilities.

I’ve no idea if this couple used it when planning their utterly gorgeous wedding but I’m willing to bet that their images from Rachel and Tonie will be making an appearance on many Pinterest accounts as inspo for other couples who want to inject colour and fun into their wedding day. It’s a clear shot that focuses solely on the couple’s style, which is worth considering when thinking about what shots are best to pin. We’ve got a masterclass with Pinterest expert Rachel Emma Waring over in The Barn if you’re looking to learn more.

If you head over to Rachel and Tonie’s Instagram post you will see some more hints of their incredible style – those gorgeous florals, the venue decor, and those amazing outfits. Oh and their three gorgeous doggos.

Canon R6 | Canon 35mm 1.4 II | f/1.4 | 1/320| ISO 100

own preset

What Rachel and Tonie Said…

“We chose simple backdrops when we captured this couple as their outfits and florals were incredible and we didn’t want to distract from them. The green was rather fluorescent at this time of year in the forest so we desaturated this so it wouldn’t stand out too much. They had great energy together so we knew we could stand them together, facing us to show them off and let them go between looking at each other and looking around.”