Playing with Framing Elements in Wedding Photos – Image of the Week #416

Photography is fun. I saw this quote from the author Noel Coward “Work Is More Fun Than Fun” – Well, some of the time, right?

When we are under pressure at a wedding to get the must-have shots and to make sure nobody is missed out and that you don’t take up too much of anyone’s time, it can be hard to find time to still bring a fun element to what you shoot. So this shot from the lovely Scottish photographer John Clark really amused me. It must have been super fun for everyone involved to create.

It is also more Scottish than Haggis. I’m sure it gets a little boring to photographers based north of the border to shoot groomsmen in kilts but for the rest of us, there is still something so unusual about men wearing them. It’s great to see how John has incorporated this regional tradition into the frame. He’s a photographer at play and that is when we are often at our most creative.

Sony A9 | Sony 16-35mm 2.8 | f/2.8 | 1/1250| ISO 100

Own Preset

What John Said…

“I attended a Liam and Bee shoot day the week of Michael & Laura’s wedding. He was at Photography Farm a couple of years ago and I always regretted not going to his shoot day back then as his work is outstanding. At the shoot, Liam would set up a shot, show you how he would shoot it and then ask you to put your spin on it, so that’s what inspired this shot. I shoot at Boclair House Hotel a few times a year and love it. I always want to create something new there for my couples and this certainly fit the bill.

I waited till the guests got called into dinner so the background was free of people mingling. Lighting wise the sun was out but we waited a second for it to go behind a cloud so it wasn’t so harsh lighting. I wish my composition was a little better I tried to place them in the middle of the staircase and there is a small window going through the grooms head. I asked my couple to put on the shades and got Laura to hold onto Michael’s big strong arm (emphasised) also making sure to have them chant “go Nicky go” on the lead-up to the jump to add fun and create emotion/moment. Nicky was the best man and Michael’s brother so was a big part of the day. This image is from his first jump. I think the framing of the kilt is a happy accident as Liam would say and also I was very happy Nicky wasn’t going as a true Scotsman on the day! I love how this image came together and more importantly that the couple absolutely love it.”