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Let’s get together and shoot for our portfolios, for the practise, for the fun, for the creativity, for the seeing how others do it, for the meeting of like minded photographers and for the hell of it.

No clients, no timelines, no pressure.

Photography Farm is offering its first ever Shoot Day. We set up shoots, you just turn up and create images for your portfolios, your social media and your blogs. We have a terrific team working on the looks and will have some interesting pro models to shoot.

But we know you’d also like to work on directing couples, so we are also planning real couple shoots for you too. And we are talking small groups lead by these incredible alternative wedding photographers, Dale Weeks, Millie Benbow, Lisa Jane and Jo from Enchanted Brides Photography. All very brilliant at self motivated projects and shooting couples.

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This is about Shooting in Your Style, not Styled Shoots, it’s about Directing Couples not Posing Them. So the day will kick off with a panel discussion led by Lisa Devlin and our four lead photographers examining ways to to get your work featured and to show people what you are all about creatively. Then we crack on with the shoots. We are rotating between the models and the couples meaning that you will be able to leave with as much content as possible and be able to see how at least two of our photographers shoot. We can’t wait to meet you and help you to elevate your portfolios and your creativity.

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Where and When?

We have very kindly been given permission to shoot at the beautiful Greenacres Woodland in Buckinghamshire. Their gorgeous woods and flower meadows will be our locations for the day. This is a peaceful place that hosts weddings and is all about Life’s Journey. This first Shoot Day is planned for the 18th of July and costs just £175 to take part in. To book on, email us

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