Glasgow 3-4th May // Brighton 10-11th May

We are now in our 6th year with Photography Farm and we have taught several hundred photographers in various formats along the way. At Farm, online with The Barn and all over the UK with Farm Elements. We are even seeing lots of our former attendees now offer up workshops of their own and we feel so proud that they want to pass on some of the knowledge that they gained with us. After a little break from Elements, we are coming back to it fresh and excited to shake it up a little. Like all things Farm, we listen to you and what you tell us that you need help with. So 2017 Farm Elements is still one day on flash with our incredible lighting expert Adam Bronkhorst followed by a day focused on business and marketing with Lisa Devlin. But we’ve got some new content for you based on your feedback and what you tell us you need to focus on more.

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As a wedding photographer, have you been avoiding flash as much as possible? Are you even a little afraid of it? Adam’s day is designed to get you up to speed with the basic principles of flash and the mechanics of it all, BEFORE teaching you all the tricks to get much more interesting shots with flash. If you finally understand what all the buttons are for and how to calculate settings, then actually you could invent a few tricks of your own.

This is very much a hands-on class and while we don’t think of it as very ‘technical’ you will be astonished at the end at just how in control of your flash you will be and how much knowledge you will have gained. Adam is covering …

* Understanding your flash and its settings
* Bouncing flash to create soft lighting and how to shape your light
* Balancing daylight and flash for very sunny situations
* Using on-camera flash indoors
* Creating natural looking images taken with flash
* The fundamentals of off-camera flash
* Equipment needed to get you started and take your photography further
* The core principles of getting a correct exposure every time
* The different way in which your light can be shaped / changed for creative techniques
* Changing the colour / hardness / depth of your light
* How to use the different techniques in any environment

And with those tools at your command, we will then look at how we can adapt them for …









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Lisa’s day is all about the Business Elements, how to get new business, how to run your business well and how to plan your business into the future. “One of the things that I love about Elements is that we keep the groups small so we can look at your individual businesses. This isn’t a workshop where you sit and listen, it’s very much about taking part and looking at all our own set ups and exploring the techniques that can help get you work, ensure that it keeps coming and that you keep enjoying it all. My market isn’t quite the same as yours, we all have different situations, so this isn’t about that One Size Fits All plan. It’s about looking at where you are right now, where you’d like to be and filling in the blanks with you.”


• Getting More of the Right Bookings for You
• Presenting Yourself and Your Business
• Getting Your Pricing Right
• Making A Website That You Are Proud of and That Works on Your Behalf
• Social Media Strategies To Attract More Enquiries
• Staying Ahead of The Facebook Game
• Offline Marketing
• Standing Out in Your Particular Market
• Giving a Good Client Experience and Creating a Client Based Business
• Planning Ahead to keep Momentum In Your Business
We will finish the day by making our own unique Action Plans to take forward into our businesses and make 2017 one of our most progressive years.

You can attend either or both days with Elements. Each Day is £350 or £600 if you do both. To book on, just email, letting us know if it’s Glasgow on 3-4th of May or Brighton on 10-11th of May.
Adam Bronkhorst

Adam Bronkhorst

Flash Master

Adam Bronkhorst has been teaching Lighting and Flash with Photography Farm since 2011. He is a busy commercial and wedding photographer based in Brighton. Adam has had several books on photography published and is well known for his creative use of flash in all situations. //

Lisa Devlin

Lisa Devlin

Head Farmer

Lisa Devlin has been shooting weddings since 2000 and started Photography Farm in 2011 after being awarded Wedding Photographer of the Year by The British Journal of Photography. She is listed by The Stylist as one of the Top Alternative Wedding Photographers in the UK and by JuneBug as one of their Top Ten Wedding Photographers in London.