Photography Farm Challenge

Our 2019 Photography Farm Challenge has begun. 52 weekly themes for you to build a personal project around. Join in whenever you want to, there are no hard and fast rules. Shoot one image, a series or explore the topic all week. Follow along with the weeks of the year or start in your own time. Join in on Instagram with the hashtag #photographyfarmchallenge or follow Farm on there to see some featured images. New themes will be posted here on Mondays mornings …

  • Theme 1: ME
    A tiny but complex word and usually the biggest fear for any photographer. But this is a challenge so it’s not meant to be easy. Let’s start our projects with ourselves. I very much look forward to seeing what you all come up with.
  • Theme 2: HOME
    You’ve introduced yourself, now show where or what Home means to you.
  • Theme 3: SYMMETRY 
    Let’s dive into a more technical challenge. This week’s theme is the first to do with composition. A symmetrical composition is balanced and has an overall equality of size, shape, line and colour. You can divide it into equal parts and it uses the elements by repeating them. For inspiration look to cinematography.
  • Theme 4: BLUR
Anyone else finding these surprisingly hard so far? I don’t want anyone to get disheartened so hopefully this is an easy theme. Have fun with it and keep up the good work.
  • Theme 5 : WINDOW LIGHT
This is the first theme about a specific light source. You might use window light all the time for portraits but how about using the challenge to think of a way to use it that’s different to what you might have done before?
  • Theme 6 : HANDS
I feel that hands are almost as emotive as faces. That’s the reason why people suddenly don’t know what to do with them when they are being photographed.. they feel awkward and therefore so do their hands. Yet if you are good at directing hands then your portraits will improve massively. For this challenge let’s see you express something with the subject’s hands please.
Image : Lee Allen


  • Theme 7: RULE OF THIRDS
    Consciously take an image that is based on the Rule of Thirds. It’s a simple technique that allows breathing space in a frame and lets the important elements sit where it feels comfortable to the eye. It creates a sense of balance. Try using it portrait as well as landscape and try putting key parts of the image on the intersection of both.
  • Theme 8: WATER 
    There is so much that can be done with this one. Shoot someone in water, indoors or out in the elements, experiment with water droplets on the lens, shoot water at low or fast shutter speeds, interpret the theme in a more ethereal way with use of motion, colour or reflections. Have fun with this one.