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Online Mentoring Programme

Hey, are you interested in moving your wedding photography business forward and working in a small, friendly mentoring group with me?

You’ll be thrilled to know that my next group starts in September and I will be opening up the spots very soon.

You might know where it is that you want to get to but just cannot connect the dots on your own. Maybe you struggle to get enquiries or you want to reposition yourself in the market to get more of the type of weddings that fire you up the most. Whatever it is holding you back right now, chances are high that I can help you.

Over the last 20 years, I’ve maintained a presence in the industry and consistently booked weddings with my kind of clients. Do the enquiries land in my lap? Hell no, I have tried and trusted methods of attracting couples that I connect with and that’s one of the keys to keeping my passion alive.

Even after all this time, I still appear on Top Wedding Photographer lists, I write a monthly column for Professional Photo Magazine, I shoot editorials for the biggest wedding magazine in the UK and I’ve been running Photography Farm since 2011. I know what you are thinking, Gawd, She Must Work All The Time!

Well, here’s a little secret, I don’t. It might shock you to know that I even take most of August off every year so that I can have a summer break with my family. Running the business that you dream of, doesn’t mean you have to devote your whole life to it.


I’ve designed a three month programme that includes…

  • A Monthly One To One Mentor Session with me
  • A Monthly Group Mentoring Session
  • A Pop Up Facebook Group
  • An Accountability Buddy
  • Exclusive Additional Resources
  • Session Recordings


I would highly recommend Lisa’s mentoring to anyone! Especially those who are midway with their career but are stuck. My website had all the information it needed but it wasn’t aimed at my ideal client.

Lisa taught me how to attract my ideal weddings with small tweaks to my site, SEO, and marketing. Over the 3 month period of working between my full-time job and doing the mentoring; I had gained 12 new bookings! All of them were my ideal couples and most were venues I had never worked at before but aspired to.

Sophie Alexandria


Consider this to be like Pressing Your Reset Button. If you’d like to spend three months working with us and finally turning your business around, just raise your hand.

The first step is very easy and 100% free. Just book in for a 30 min, no obligation chat with me. I want to understand what your current issues are and see if we both think this will help you.


Just drop your details here and I will be in touch super soon x