One Shot is a series on our blog asking photographers to choose one of their own images and tell us the background to it. It could be the story, the emotions, the history, the technical aspects. What leads to this moment?


This photo was taken during the couple shoot.  The venue was an incredible farm with loads of grounds which we used also but at the end of the shoot I noticed this puddle of light coming into the building.  I often do shots just of the bride during couple shoots and I tell the groom to just take a break and check out how amazing his wife looks.

Direction wise I had to be very careful where the light was hitting her and adjusted the pose accordingly.  I guess the most obvious thing to do would be to shoot with the light onto the bride using all the beautiful light but shooting it at this angle and using the shadows adds an extra something.

I make decisions and I make them fast at couple shoots.  It’s often a compromise between location and light.  Yes, sometimes they both meet which is obviously amazing but what happens when they don’t?  Do I go for the awesome backdrop with the not so good light and try and make it work?  Or do I use a doorway with beautiful light?  I have 5 things that go through my head when doing couple shoots on a wedding, it’s like a formula.  This gives me the ability to make decisions quickly and I want to share this with you. 

rock 2-6

D800, Sigma 35mm Art at f/4

What are the five things? We really want to know... if you do too, then join Neil at his class with us next month.

Based in Glasgow,  Neil Thomas Douglas first came to us as an attendee but has gone from strength to strength in the time since. He is recognised as one of Scotland's most influential wedding photographers and has shot weddings as far afield as Thailand. One of his images went viral recently when Roger Daltrey was persuaded to sing at one of his weddings but he is best known for his epic couple shots. He has been teaching with us since 2013 and is bringing his unique Rock It 2.0 workshop back to Farm Week next month. It is on the 19th and will no doubt fire up the attendees to push boundaries at the couple shoot in their own work.