This was shot in an abandoned stables at a venue in the borders of Scotland and some of those newspapers date back to the 1970s. It is actually an utter wreck and I passed a dead, decaying badger on the way in... 

I placed the couple there because I love a diagonal line as I believe it adds tension. Then I decided to go with the natural light.  It was super dark so shot at ISO 4000 on my new 24mm lens (which is lovely) with the Nikon D750 which handles low light really well.

F2.2 + 1/100th sec, ISO 4000

One Shot is a series asking photographers to choose one of their own images and tell us the background to it. It could be the story, the emotions, the history, the technical aspects. What leads to this moment? 

Scottish photographer, Neil Thomas Douglas is well known for shooting alternative weddings and getting his couples to be quite daring when it comes to portraits. He came to us for training a couple of years back and is now one of our mentors. He was the inaugural winner of Farmers Image of the Year and he will be teaching us about shooting couples at our next Elements workshop later this month in Glasgow.