This is one of my all time favourite shots. It's probably one that best explains why I love photographing weddings. This is Naomi's dad holding his granddaughter while his daughter gets ready for her wedding. It's a dress shot, a story of Naomi's day.... but more than that it tells the story of her family at that point in time, it's a simple moment which mixes the everyday acts of parenthood and grand-parenthood with the momentousness of a wedding. I always come back to this image because the composition and the atmospheric lighting (which I felt worked best in black and white) draw me into that moment every time.

One Shot is a new series on our blog asking photographers to choose one of their own images and tell us the background to it. It could be the story, the emotions, the history, the technical aspects. What leads to this moment?


Based in Derbyshire, Hannah Millard is known for her quirky and geeky style. Her own wedding was a mash up of geek, gamer and pixel with cameras as bouquets. She first joined us at Photography Farm after winning a place by rapping her very own version of U Can't Touch This (MC Hannah style) and then returned with her husband Iwan to model in our Jemima Puddleduck and Mr Fox shoot. Her voice has really developed in the time that we have known Hannah and we are thrilled that she will be back again but this time as one of our mentors. She is a achieving recognition in the UK for her Fusion work ~ combining shooting stills and video at weddings. Indeed, she has just been recognised by Rangefinder magazine in the US as one of its 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography and so we are super excited about her class at Farm Week 15 on Fusion and how to include it in your packages and workflow.