Narrative Select Review

If you’re anything like me now things have opened up again you’ve got plenty of editing to be getting on with. I’m all about the Speedy Workflow – I even have a course on it in The Barn, but there is always room for improvement.

Introducing my new favourite editing software: Narrative Select, a culling tool that uses AI to help you decide what images to keep. It spots eyes that are closed or partially closed, out of focus shots and if you shoot a lot of the same scene it detects your best frames.

Cull like the wind with intuitive shortcuts, speedy loading, and clean design. Never miss a blurred face or blink again with their Assessments feature – you can zoom straight into a face by tapping the spacebar, and see all crops of the faces in one place with the Close-ups panel, too. Once you’re done you send your selects directly to Lightroom with their Ship feature for a seamless workflow. I’ve recorded a full demo for The Barn that you are super welcome to watch.

I’ve been trialing this over the last couple of weeks and I reckon it’s taken my image cull time down to about 2/3rds. Narrative has kindly offered the Photography Farm community a 10% discount off a Select Pro membership, and you can try it out for free for 30 days, too.