Mindfulness is something that can be applied to each aspect of business and art.
Nessa K

Have you ever thought about applying mindfulness to your wedding photography business? Internationally acclaimed US wedding photographer Nessa K certainly has and it is a major factor to her continuing success. So we asked her to return to Photography Farm to share her processes with us. In this unique workshop held over a full day and night at our incredible creative space near Gatwick airport, Nessa will explain how mindfulness is there from her initial client interaction all the way through to designing albums.

 Applying Intention and Purpose to your Business; from Preset Building to Problem Solving

We’ll start with a discussion on empathising with customers and subjects as well as with who you cater your business to. Then delve into Brand and how to get that out there successfully. After lunch, we will go out into the Farm estate with a real couple to learn about shooting with intentional compositions and using light. We will also explore shooting whilst being mindful of our clients’ emotions. Nessa is also going to share her technique for editing her images and creating presets before showing us how to design a blog post meaningfully to attract the clients you want.

We will be learning and staying together in this is brand new format, making the residential workshops at Photography Farm more accessible than ever before. You will be welcomed in the morning and we start the workshop at 10am. Then that evening will all dine together while the photography chat continues. We are all staying at Farm and before leaving the next day, there will be time for a relaxed brunch. All your food will be made by the house chef who can prepare food that caters to any requirements and when not involved in the class, you can make use of the Farm’s facilities including heated pool, hot tub and tennis courts.

The cost is £550 including all your food and an overnight stay at Photography Farm. We ask you to arrive early on the 5th of July and we will leave late morning on the 6th. Numbers are strictly limited, but you can grab your spot if you just email us.

Nessa K

Nessa K

I drink an absurd amount of mint tea and I make silly videos occasionally. I adore art museums and dabble on the ukulele. I graduated with honors when I received my BFA in Photography from Shepherd University and I’ve lived in Austin TX, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, DC, and am now happily planted in Baltimore, Maryland. My entire life, I’ve been in love with the act of documentation, taking photos of everything and keeping notebooks of observations. I wrote a journal entry at the age of 7 stating I would someday be an artist. I scribbled the words “I don’t want to be famous, but I want people to want my art.” NESSA K