Mastering Bold Colours and Expressive Poses in Wedding Portraits – Image of the Week #444

Get ready to be wowed! Our latest Image Of The Week, shot by the incredible Joséphine Elvis, completely stopped me in my tracks when scrolling through a sea of soft pastels on Instagram. This photo stands out so much for its bold, vibrant colours. Chelsea’s pastel houses might be the norm, but whoever owns this house chose to rebel, painting it a zingy, bright orange.

By positioning the couple precisely where the two houses divide, Joséphine has framed them beautifully. The groom exudes cool, composed energy, while the bride radiates sheer exuberance, leaning into him with dynamism and joy. Their expressions are full of pure happiness, making this picture a breath of fresh air! It’s fun, zesty, and bursting with energy.

At Photography Farm, we celebrate the work of our community, and Joséphine’s shot embodies the essence of what we stand for – creativity, boldness, and the courage to break free from the ordinary.

Sony A7III | 35mm f/1.4 GM
ISO 100 | F 5 | 1/200
own preset

What Joséphine said…

“This picture was taken in Chelsea, London. I shoot there a lot but couples don’t necessarily want to venture too far from the town hall so when a team of wonderful creatives approached me to photograph their project, I was over the moon. I created our itinerary for the shoot and chose this colourful street. Style and elegance always seem to be tied to classic muted colours and I wanted to break that. The model is wearing a stylish designer dress but the background is somewhat quirky.”

The Tech Talk

“I’ve always been a fan of contrasts so when I saw these 2 very different colour walls next to each other I couldn’t resist. Him in black, her in a white, extravagant gown for a city wedding, the round shape of the top of the door on one side and the rectangular window on the other side. I could have easily removed the alarm system boxes on each side too but I feel they add to the theme. Her looking at him laughing is what ties the whole image together.

Even though I have always been a fan of symmetry and Wes Anderson, the current trend probably inspired me too.”