regardless of the format or perspective BEING TRUE to your heart is the only way to create something that will express what's in your heart

Ahead of their first ever joint workshop, Lisa caught up with our favourite newlyweds, US photographers Brooke Davis and Tavis Johnson. As they prepare for their two day workshop HIS&hers // a Contrast at next month's Farm Week, Brooke told us a little bit more about their own love story and what we can expect from their class...




Tell us a little about your backgrounds in photography..

Her relationship with the camera began with sneaking/stealing her fathers camera. She may have been grounded for it once or twice. She had a need to convey emotion through art. Everything from music, photography and writing. Over 8 years ago she chose to jump in with both feet, chase a dream and go for it. She hasn't looked back since and still lets her other passions for writing and music influence her work. 

His relationship with photography and film comes for a love of design and the hands on process of film. Anything he puts his mind to learn he can do, and does brilliantly. It's as if the camera, meter and lighting become a puzzle for him to figure out. He also loves connecting with others. Always the first to try and get a good laugh out of his clients.

How did you two meet?

How we met is a rather funny story. Like all true love stories in this modern age social networking played a role. Recently both divorced, I saw Tavis was single on Facebook. He was talented and most importantly super attractive ( kidding, kidding but he is super attractive) So I did what any normal girl would do. Messaged him lying saying I was in desperate need of new head shots so we had to meet up. To this day we still have not had that session. After that Facebook message we spent almost every night talking on the phone for hours. Not quite ready to date and knowing he was something special we became friends. We built our relationship on a foundation from a mutual love of photography. It was amazing to find someone who understood me and didn't think it was crazy when I would stop in the middle of the road to take a photo because the light was just right. As he now tells me he fell and fell hard but was waiting till I was ready. A little over a year later on my birthday he set up the sweetest picnic in the mountains with all my favorites. Wine, cheese, all things lemon flavored and best of all, he got the nerve to whisper 'I love you' quietly in my ear. The rest is history….

Engaged in paris and married in Iceland, does Europe bring out your romantic side?

We both have a love of Europe. A couple of Old Souls who love coffee and walking down rainy roads. I honestly think it's the most romantic place on this planet.


Your classes have always been a big hit at Farm Week but this is the first time that you are teaching together and it is our first two day class at Farm Week. Tell us about the concept of the class..

We both have such different ways of seeing things BUT he is everything I am not. His perspective completes mine. The concept is to show you how regardless of the format or perspective that being TRUE to your heart is the only way to create something that will express what's in your heart. Two minds, two hearts and two formats. One love.

Who is this class for?

Everyone who's ready to stop following the trends and create images that make your heart dance.

Will we be shooting each day and what else is on the programme?

We will be going over the back end of our businesses. Marketing, keeping happy clients, photoshop methods and finding your true voice. For those who have been wanting to learn about shooting film this is a perfect chance. Our workflow will be covered as well. No more hours of slaving away in front of the computer. Plus my personal favorite playing with light and shadows. We will be shooting each day and the attendees will get to put what they learned into practice. Getting real emotions out of your subject to created a moving story in photos.

What are you hoping they will take away from it?

I want nothing more than our group to walk away inspired to see things different. To step outside their comfort zone. Its scary and hard but worth the growing pains. 


The social aspect is also important to you so the attendees are staying for dinner. Apart from a fantastic dinner from our chef what can folk expect?

Tavis is going to never let me forget this but I admit it... he is honestly the FUNNIEST person I know. We cant wait to relax drink wine, laugh and dance around after all the works done. I am going to beg for a karaoke machine. Cross your fingers we can get one too the farm 😉

Do you think you have had an influence on each other in the way you shoot now?

Without a doubt. I think we have learned a lot from each other. Constantly pushing each other to see things different. Our perspective has broadened so much from that. 

What’s better.. film or digital???

I shoot mainly digital and save my film work for my personal life. He's a film lover. But we both agree they have their own brilliance and benefits. It's all about how your shooting style is. We will go over WHY we chose the format we did and how its a critical part of our interaction with our couples. 



We could still squeeze you in to their incredible class and think you would have a blast as well as come away feeling utterly drenched in inspiration. It is 16th & 17th of Feb and as Brooke says, you will be joining us for dinner at the Farm. Brooke is always bringing back her very popular Family Sessions class on the 20th and it is not quite full up.