Image of the Week #383

We are approaching 400 of these Images of the Week, which is utterly incredible. The idea is simple, to celebrate the hard work of our members or as I like to call them The Farmers. They form a supportive and creative community that also likes to elevate each other. Although I choose most of the winners, Farmers are also welcome to nominate each other’s images. The reason that I am mentioning this is because this shot from Gary Ferguson at Rogues and Queens is our most nominated image to date.

This is indicative of both how strong this photo is and how affectionate our community feels towards Gary. He is a very talented and very humble photographer. It sounds like this was a challenging scenario and he didn’t panic. It’s especially impressive as it was achieved during the ceremony when we have no control over circumstances. This is a highly accomplished shot that the couple must be thrilled with.

Sony A7III | Sony 35mm 1.8 | f/2 | 1/200| ISO 800

Rogue’s Hot Sauce

What Gary Said…

“The wedding was held in the awesome Biscuit Factory in Edinburgh. I was expecting the ceremony to be held up at the atrium. So I was quite shocked when I arrived to see the bottom floor had been turned into a magical forest of lights. This came as quite a shock though, as ultimately the only main source of lights, was of course the LED trees. These lit everyone in the bridal party and front rows beautifully, and gently faded the back rows into darkness. Main issue shooting the ceremony was using a suitably slow shutter speed to deal with the huge amounts of led lights to minimise banding. Of course there’s also the cool neon of a Scottish slang saying, I used my phone to reflect both the trees and neon light and maximise the epicness of the shot.

On a side note, the celebrant was also in this shot. Unfortunately it wasn’t a flattering shot of her. But I loved how the couple were looking at each other, as well as the faces of the bridal party. So I cloned the Celebrant out, which I think makes a compositionally stronger image. Sorry Louise!”