This image from Kerry at Teddy Pig Photography really packs a creative punch. It is very far from easy to shoot inside cinemas. They are dark as anything, even with the house lights on so it takes some planning to get anything impactful. Kerry decided to shoot incredibly wide to take in the entire room and to make a feature of the additional lighting that she brought to the scene. By placing her couple in the centre, she has made the best use of the leading lines caused by the ceiling lighting. She has kept her aperture quite narrow, causing the flashes to appear as starbursts.

I love that the couple are kissing – this adds a nostalgia for when cinemas were a place of courtship. This is all highly accomplished work and it is pretty amazing to read that she achieved this with such a short amount of access to the room.

Canon R5 | Canon RF 15-35mm 2.8L | f/8 | 1/180| ISO 3200

VSCO PORTRAITS 400 (with tweaks)

What Kerry Said…

The Worthing Dome is a fabulous wedding venue but the icing on the cake is that the Edwardian Cinema below it (one if the oldest still running in the UK – 1911) allows access to the wonderfully Wes Anderson-esque Screen One between showings.

Fay & Louis got married on a Monday during the October half term which meant that the listings for that week had far more movies crammed in than usual. Therefore we were given ten minutes to get into the cinema room to get some pictures. During this time the staff were also cleaning up all the unwanted popcorn from the showing of Boss Baby 2 that had just ended. I had pre-empted the mayhem so had already set up two light stands and flashes earlier in the day. Such a wide angled lens is a very new area for me as until recently I never shot wider than 24mm but I’m loving the results a much wider angle can give, especially with interiors like this to capture.”