Image of the Week #382

I love getting the lowdown on these images and finding out how they came about. When this shot by the wonderful Lena Sabala popped up in my feed I thought it must be a professional model at an elaborate styled shoot. So it’s interesting to read that it was a simple self motivated shoot that Lena pulled together with someone who has never modelled.

The resulting image is highly polished. The dark tones allow the contrast to be with her pale skin and the warm theme is inspired by her red hair. This is echoed in the art and in the florals so the scene feels very balanced. It could be a Pre-Raphaelite painting. Her pose is very serene but there is a sense of longing as her gaze is towards the light source which we could assume is a window. I could happily have this as a print on my wall to look at again and again.

Canon 6d Mk II | Canon EF 24mm f/1.4L II USM | f/2.5 | 1/100| ISO 500

Beloved Presets Retro Collection

What Lena Said…

“I know that sometimes you need to walk an extra mile in this business, so I have organised a spontaneous shoot a day after photographing a big wedding miles away haha. I was tired, I thought I’ll not come up with anything spectacular that day (yes I doubt myself pretty often), but… When I walked into the venue I just knew it’s gonna be goooooood. I love dark walls, quirky art and props all around. I loved the space.
The model is a girl from my fitness classes who never modelled before (how? don’t know just look at her), I was saying millions of times during the shoot that she looks like a goddess… Perfect natural makeup, natural hair, incredible flowers and dress, everything just came up together.
I love to break a bit formal wedding look, I love when a model or a bride can pose barefoot, in less standard positions. I love to make people feel comfy in front of my camera. That was my goal while taking this picture.
I used during this shoot a bit of Atmosphere Aerosol to soften the light and add the dusty vintage vibe to all images.”