Liana is not only a wonderful photographer herself, she also is the brains behind one of our sponsors, Gunslinger camera harnesses. She recently celebrated her wedding anniversary and decided to mark the occasion with a shoot. It looks like Radoslaw Rachwal was the perfect photographer for the job, he has captured the connection between Liana and Robert and also the rawness of the Scottish landscape and weather. It’s a dramatic image and it packs an emotional punch. When Liana shared it in the Farmers Facebook group saying how happy she was with it, I knew it had to also be an Image of the Week. You know Farmers shooting Farmers is my all time favourite thing by now, right?

Nikon D750 | Nikkor 35mm f1.8 | f/8 | 1/800| ISO 100


What Radoslaw Said…

“Liana sent me a photo of the night before the session of how’s weather forecast looks close to Fort William. The mobile photo showed the Munros and shipwreck in the background. I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to have a shoot by the Old Boat of Caol. I imminently knew it has to be our next stop after Nevis Range. I’ve led my couple, set for photo composition and saw the rain quickly coming our way. It was just a perfect moment with heavy clouds and sunlight at the back. Unpredictable weather and gushing rain are the main reasons why I love Scotland. I can shoot thousands of photos of the same spot. Every time outcome will be different.”