Image of the Week #379

Shooting couples out in impressive landscapes – this is the criteria for the Roadie workshops that our friend Mark Pacura runs alongside Cole from Nordica. The images that come from these are always super impressive and I love hearing tales of the adventures that they all had in the process.

I’m so glad that Susie had listened to one of my Farmhouse chats with Neil Thomas Douglas before she attended one of these workshops and she realised why her 24mm wasn’t cutting it in this scenario. It seems like the obvious choice to go wide when you are out in a big landscape but she’s right, that often means that the subjects get lost in the landscape. You need to pull them out of it and an 85mm is a brilliant choice here. There’s enough of the environment in the frame to give it that dramatic sense of location but the couple is still the most interesting element in the frame.

Sony A7iii | Sony 85mm 1.8 | f/2 | 1/4000| ISO 100

The Kitcheners ‘Emotive’

What Susie Said…

“This was taken during the brilliant Dolomites Roadie Workshop with Cole Roberts and Mark Pacura.

The morning started out so foggy that you couldn’t see further than about 10ft! The Scottish hill walker in me wasn’t too convinced it would clear! But as it started to break up we got little glimpses of the fairytale landscape that was surrounding us. It was absolutely unbelievable, like a dream! (A big mountainy, wet dream). We asked our couple if they would walk out onto that wee cliff edge and they obliged.
I had a 24mm on one of my cameras because I wanted to get as much of the landscape in as possible but the couple was getting a wee bit lost in the frame. Thinking about the clubhouse chat between Lisa D and Neil TD about focal lengths, I switched to my beloved 85mm (by far my favourite lens) to bring the main focus back to the couple.

What a magical experience! (And to get a FIOTW from it is totally unreal and has put a right big smile on my face!”